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Tezos Historical Price Charts – XTZ Price History

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2021 by
Arslan Butt • 3 min read

Last Update: July 21st, 2021

Tezos is a blockchain network that is based on smart contracts, quite similar to Ethereum. However, there’s one big difference: Tezos aims to offer infrastructure that is more advanced — meaning it can evolve and improve over time without there ever being a danger of a hard fork. This has happened to both Bitcoin and Ethereum since they were created. People who hold XTZ can vote on proposals for protocol upgrades that have been put forward by Tezos developers.

This open-source platform bills itself as “secure, upgradable and built to last”, and it says its smart contract language provides the accuracy that is required for high-value use cases. According to Tezos, its approach means that it is future-proof and will “remain state-of-the-art long into the future,” meaning it can embrace developments in blockchain technology.

The technology that underpins Tezos was first proposed in a white paper that was released in September 2014. After a series of delays, the Tezos mainnet launched four years later.


Historical Data Table:

Tezos XTZ Historical Price Data

DatePriceOpenHighLowChange %
Nov 17, 20200.29870.28660.29920.286649.99M
Nov 16, 20200.28630.26750.28630.266833.76M
Nov 15, 20200.26750.26750.27390.265722.91M
Nov 14, 20200.26670.26440.26980.263034.47M
Nov 13, 20200.26410.25350.26410.253518.89M
Nov 12, 20200.25340.25480.25640.251414.45M
Nov 11, 20200.25480.25230.25810.251718.17M
Nov 10, 20200.25240.25030.26360.249436.68M
Nov 09, 20200.25010.25360.25470.249212.82M
Nov 08, 20200.25360.24880.25440.24887.21M
Nov 07, 20200.24890.25830.26460.247524.55M
Nov 06, 20200.25830.24480.25870.244821.34M
Nov 05, 20200.24450.23570.24580.235718.42M
Nov 04, 20200.23590.23810.23810.234010.22M
Nov 03, 20200.23810.23270.23810.227422.74M
Nov 02, 20200.23300.23800.23850.23279.60M
Nov 01, 20200.23780.23790.23910.23584.44M
Oct 31, 20200.23780.23770.24060.23699.12M
Oct 30, 20200.23770.24120.24120.232611.60M
Oct 29, 20200.24120.24460.24500.24128.45M
Oct 28, 20200.24480.25210.25210.244813.82M
Oct 27, 20200.25190.24740.25230.247410.49M
Oct 26, 20200.24740.25250.25530.247411.91M


Monthly Change

DatePriceOpenHighLowChange %
Nov 15, 20200.29870.26750.29920.265795.26M
Nov 08, 20200.26670.24880.26980.2488130.34M
Nov 01, 20200.24890.23790.26460.2274108.78M
Oct 25, 20200.23780.25560.25560.232674.40M
Oct 18, 20200.25580.24050.26100.2405101.33M
Oct 11, 20200.24040.25410.25850.2383145.18M
Oct 04, 20200.25410.23280.25740.2328183.13M
Sep 27, 20200.23280.24160.24600.2296150.98M
Sep 20, 20200.24150.25080.25080.2231180.16M
Sep 13, 20200.25130.24760.25400.2401163.98M
Sep 06, 20200.24750.23750.24760.2306211.66M
Aug 30, 20200.23730.27390.29820.2373340.11M
Aug 23, 20200.27390.28590.28960.2611120.47M
Aug 16, 20200.28610.29890.32320.2767295.94M
Aug 09, 20200.29890.29530.30320.2762491.59M
Aug 02, 20200.29520.29080.31750.28081.10B
Jul 26, 20200.29100.21460.29100.2146626.46M
Jul 19, 20200.21460.19980.21700.1943210.29M
Jul 12, 20200.19980.20110.20310.1907236.91M
Jul 05, 20200.20110.17800.20500.1749446.28M
Jun 28, 20200.17810.17510.17980.1723149.01M
Jun 21, 20200.17520.18790.19040.1688154.84M
Jun 14, 20200.18790.19240.19850.1824152.62M


Three Major advantages of Tezos XTZ:

1: The Ripple coin is powered by mathematical algorithms and obeys fixed rules, which can never be changed. This has become one of the key factors that make it secure and reliable. However, the reason behind its reliability and security could also be the fact that no person or organization controls XRP. Thus, it cannot be created, falsified or duplicated. All payments are peer-to-peer. It can be used without any 3rd parties, intermediaries or other institutions.


2: Ripple XRP performs an essential role in terms of security services within the network. Every transaction ruins a tiny amount of cryptocurrency as a transaction commission. This security cost is insignificant to any normal user – even extremely high-volume users will lose, at most, the equivalent of a few pennies. However, corrupt users who attempt to spam the network with excessive transactions will soon be caught.


3: Another strength on the security front is the reserve system. The reserve is the smallest amount of coins needed for actions that require network resources. These reserves are small for any normal user, adding up to less than a dollar. However, attempts to overload the network with excessive actions become more costly. It is also worth mentioning that the Account Reserve is the minimum amount of digital currency needed to activate an account. It prevents the creation of excessive accounts that could overload the network.


Major Factors that Influence the Tezos:


Many cryptocurrencies are currently uncontrolled by governments and central banks. If there are any changes in the coming years, this could impact the value of Ripple.



Ripple’s underlying technology, as a platform for international transactions, is what makes it different from other cryptocurrencies. Many large banks have declared that they are testing Ripple’s technology, which could influence its price in the future.



Positive media interest and coverage of the Ripple technology are expected to affect the value of the cryptocurrency positively.​

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