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10 Best ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers (AUS)

Last Update: February 21st, 2024

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10 Best ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers offer peace of mind with strict financial security measures and adhere to high ethical standards.


In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • What is the Primary Objective of ASIC?
  • What are the Benefits of Trading with ASIC-Regulated Brokers?
  • Who is the Best ASIC Regulated and Licensed (AUS) Forex Broker?
  • A list of the top brokers for Beginners with a low minimum deposit in Australia?
  • A breakdown of the regulations and rules of ASIC.


So if you’re ready to go “all in” with the ASIC Regulated (AUS) 10 Best Forex Brokers

Let’s dive right in…


10 Best ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers (AUS) (2024*)

  1. ☑️IG Group – Award-Winning ASIC Regulated Forex Broker
  2. ☑️Admirals – Low-cost trading experience
  3. ☑️AvaTrade –Best Mobile Trading Experience
  4. Axi – Best MT4 Trading Tools
  5. FP Markets – Best ASIC-Regulated Forex Broker
  6. IC Markets – Best Broker for Beginners
  7. CMC Markets – Strong reputation for Regulation and client safety
  8. GO Markets – Low forex fees and favorable non-trading fees.
  9. eToro – Best Globally Regulated Broker
  10. Pepperstone – Lowest Cost ECN Broker


Overview of ASIC

Responsible for overseeing Australian financial markets, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) holds a significant role as a regulatory body.

In 1991, the ASIC was founded with a mandate to uphold regulations that safeguard Australian traders, investors, and creditors. It also seeks to maintain transparency in Australian financial dealings and institutions throughout Australia. ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers revealed.


In addition, its jurisdiction covers a diverse spectrum of Australian financial offerings such as securities, derivatives, insurance, banking, and, notably, the Forex industry.

ASIC employs a regulatory approach that is proactive and preventive, prioritizing the attainment of transparency and fairness in financial services to bolster investor trust.


The commission uses a comprehensive regulatory structure that includes licensing financial service companies, monitoring their activities, and enforcing rules against misbehavior.

This methodology is intended to reduce systemic risk while protecting individual investors from fraudulent and unfair actions.


One of the distinguishing features of ASIC’s regulatory framework is its focus on excellent corporate governance, consumer protection, and risk management among the firms it regulates.

For forex brokers, this entails complying with tight capital requirements, maintaining strong internal processes, and offering their customers clear and fair trading conditions.


ASIC also plays an important role in educating and enlightening investors, providing materials to assist them in making sound choices.

ASIC has established globally recognized regulatory standards, which makes firms that operate under ASIC’s regulations attractive to investors from all corners of the world.


ASIC remains a top-ranked regulator worldwide through its commitment to preserving an open and steady financial system and active engagement in global regulatory forums.


Benefits of Trading with ASIC-Regulated Brokers

By choosing to trade with brokers regulated by ASIC, traders can enjoy numerous benefits and safeguards. The foremost objective is to create a safe and transparent trading environment.


Thanks to the strict regulatory structure imposed by ASIC, these brokers must satisfy stringent operational requirements, including maintaining appropriate capital levels, implementing comprehensive risk management systems, and treating clients equitably.


This means traders receive enhanced protection for their funds while accessing accurate information regarding goods and services available for trade via such regulated platforms.


Moreover, working alongside reputable brokers ensures trustworthiness in every transaction undertaken on this platform.

ASIC’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the interests of traders guarantees an added level of security achievable by seeking assistance from regulatory authorities if outlooks appear unjust or suspicious during trades.


Furthermore, this gives them complete peace of mind while conducting their business activities online.


10 Best ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers

🔎Broker💻Compliance Standards🦲Trader Protection🔑Key Features
IGRegulated by ASIC and other authorities, adheres to strict standardsNegative balance protection, risk management tools, Financial Ombudsman Service accessDiverse trading instruments, advanced trading platforms, and educational resources
AdmiralsRegulated by ASIC, international standards complianceClient fund segregation, negative balance protection, educational resourcesKnown for its excellent investor education and advanced MetaTrader features
AvaTradeRegulated in multiple jurisdictions, including by ASIC, follows strict measuresRisk management tools, negative balance protection, educational materialsBest known for offering an extensive selection of trading platforms for forex and CFD traders
AxiRegulated by ASIC and global regulators, high operational standardsClient fund segregation, negative balance protection, educational resourcesa low-cost forex broker ideal for those who need some extra tools to build their trading strategies.
FP MarketsASIC-regulated, client money protection rules complianceNegative balance protection, client fund segregation, risk management toolsa broker with an impressive range of trading instruments and really attractive terms for clients.
IC MarketsRegulated by ASIC, strict regulatory requirements, including client fund segregationNegative balance protection, uses top-tier banks for client fund segregationVery well known for their low trading fees and tight spreads.
CMC MarketsRegulated by ASIC, compliance with regulatory standardsNegative balance protection, client fund segregation, educational resourcesCompetitive spreads, extensive market research tools, and dynamic trading platforms
GO MarketsASIC-regulated, strict guidelines on operational conduct and client fund segregationNegative balance protection, segregated client accounts, risk management toolsa multi-regulated and multi-awarded CFD broker that offers very favorable trading conditions to its clients at very competitive prices.
eToroRegulated by ASIC and other bodies,Globally best Regulated Broker.Guaranteed stop loss, negative balance protection, risk management featuresSocial trading network, diverse financial asset offerings, copy trading service
PepperstoneRegulated by Asic, it is an Australian-based Forex service providerNegative balance protection, client fund segregation, educational resourcesLow latency trading, no dealing desk, multiple trading platforms



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
IGFCA, BaFin CySEC, FINMA, DFSA, FSCA, MAS, JFSA, ASIC, FMA, CFTC, NFA, BMA$250NoFrom 0.1 pips1:30 (Retail), 1:222 (Pro)From 0.105$12 after 24 monthsCFD, Spread Betting, DMA


IG Overview

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates IG to ensure it meets strict financial requirements and operates with integrity. For traders, this implies improved money protection, emphasizing openness and fairness in trading procedures, resulting in a safe and dependable trading environment that meets Australian regulatory standards.


IG Pros and Cons

IG is well-regulated in several regions, including the ASIC in AustraliaIG might be complex for beginners to navigate
The broker adheres to international regulatory standardsSpreads can vary greatly, affecting trading fees
Investor protection, such as negative balance protection, is availableThere is a high minimum deposit
IG is known for its transparent pricing and risk warningsThere are leverage restrictions



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
AdmiralsFCA, ASIC, CySEC, JSC, FSCA, FSA, CMA$0Yes, 30 USD No-deposit bonusFrom 0.0 pips1:30 (retail), 1:500 (Pro)From $0.02$10 after 2 years of inactivityTrade.MT4, Zero.MT4, Trade.MT5, Invest.MT5, Zero.MT5


Admirals Overview

Admirals’ compliance with ASIC regulatory requirements demonstrates its dedication to maintaining the high degree of financial integrity and client money security necessary in Australia. Traders may anticipate a secure trading environment with clear operating processes to safeguard their interests.


Admirals Pros and Cons

Admirals are multi-regulatedLeverage for retail traders is limited
Negative balance protection is applied to retail accountsInactivity fees apply
Client funds are kept in segregated accountsThere are restrictions on certain products according to regions
Admirals offer extensive educational materials



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💻Minimum Deposit💰Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
AvaTradeCentral Bank of Ireland (CBI), BVI FSC, ASIC, FSCA, JFSA, FFAJ, ADGM, CySEC, ISA, KNF, IIROC$100NoFrom 0.9 pips (Retail), 0.6 pips (Pro)1:30 (Retail), 1:400 (Pro)None; only the spread is charged$50 after 3 months, $100 after 12 months of inactivityStandard Retail Account


AvaTrade Overview

AvaTrade is licensed by ASIC and assures it adheres to Australia’s severe financial services requirements. This involves preserving customer cash in separate accounts, protecting traders’ investments, and ensuring that the broker acts transparently and fairly.


AvaTrade Pros and Cons

AvaTrade is a trusted broker with several licenses and regulations globally, including ASICASIC leverage restrictions apply to retail traders
AvaTrade offers top-notch customer support and self-help resourcesThe withdrawal times can be lengthy
There are several risk management tools availableThere might be restrictions on the products available to traders
AvaTrade has transparent trading conditions



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
AxiASIC, SVG FSA, FCA, FMA, DFSA$0NoFrom 0.0 pips1:500From $7 per round turn$10 after 12 monthsStandard, Pro, Elite


Axi Overview

Axi is regulated by ASIC, which adheres to Australia’s stringent financial safety and operational transparency requirements. Traders interacting with Axi may be certain that their money is secure and that the broker’s trading methods are fair.


Axi Pros and Cons

Axi has high standards of operational integrity through its ASIC regulationThere might be leverage restrictions
All retail accounts have negative balance protectionThere may be restricted access to certain financial instruments because of regulatory compliance
Axi offers educational materials and resourcesThe account verification can be complex
Axi is known for its competitive zero-pip spreads


FP Markets

🔎Brokers⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
FP MarketsASIC, CySEC, FSCA, FSA, FSCAU$100NoFrom 0.0 pips1:500From US$3 per side, US$6 per lotNoneStandard, Raw, Islamic Standard, Islamic Raw


FP Markets

As an ASIC-regulated firm, FP Markets is dedicated to upholding the high standards of financial conduct and trader protection necessary in Australia. This dedication translates into a secure trading environment for traders, focusing on client money safety and clear trading conditions.


FP Markets Pros and Cons

There are several risk management features available that align with regulatory standardsThe range of products and platforms could be complex for beginners to navigate
Traders have access to several international marketsBecause of strict regulation, there are disclosures and documents to navigate through
All client funds are safely kept in segregated accountsThere are withdrawal and deposit restrictions due to AML policies
FP Markets is well-regulated and has a good reputation


IC Markets

🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
IC MarketsASIC, CySEC, FSA, SCB$200NoFrom 0.0 pips1:500From $3 to $3.50NonecTrader, Raw Spread, Standard


IC Markets Overview

ASIC oversight of IC Markets demonstrates the company’s dedication to Australia’s tight regulatory framework, emphasizing client funds safety via segregated accounts and creating a transparent and fair trading environment for its traders.


IC Markets Pros and Cons

IC Markets is a popular broker regulated by several top entities globallyLeverage is capped according to the financial instruments
The trading conditions are competitiveThere might be limitations on the availability of certain instruments
IC Markets is known for its robust and feature-rich technology and platformsThere is a rigorous and extensive verification process that could take some time to navigate
IC Markets offers extensive educational material and superior customer support


CMC Markets

🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
CMC MarketsBaFin, FCA, ASIC, MAS, FMA, IIROC, DFSA$0NoFrom 0.5 pips1:30From 0.1% per share10 GBP after 12 monthsCFD


 CMC Markets

CMC Markets’ commitment to ASIC laws guarantees that it operates with high financial openness and integrity, giving traders peace of mind that their assets are handled safely and that the trading environment is fair and transparent.


CMC Markets Pros and Cons

CMC Markets applies for negative balance protectionLeverage is capped at 1:30
There are transparent fee schedulesNew traders might find CMC Markets’ software complex
CMC Markets offers a diverse range of tradable instruments across marketsThere might be higher trading fees
CMC Markets is multi-regulated


GO Markets

🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
GO MarketsASIC, FSA Seychelles, FSC Mauritius, CySECAU$200NoFrom 0.0 pips1:500From US$2.50NoneStandard, GO Plus+


GO Markets Overview

GO Markets’ ASIC regulation demonstrates its dedication to upholding the high standards of financial safety, openness, and honesty anticipated in the Australian financial industry. Traders may be certain that their assets are secure and that fair trading standards are followed.


GO Markets Pros and Cons

GO Markets is well-regulated by ASIC and several other entitiesAccount opening and maintenance involve rigorous KYC procedures
There are several educational and analytical resources to help traders make informed decisionsLeverage limits might apply
There are risk management tools to help traders minimize their lossesThere might be regional restrictions on the markets available to traders
Client fund security is guaranteed



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
eToroCySEC, FCA, ASIC, FinCEN, FINRA, SIPC, DNB, FSA$200NoFrom 1 pips1:30 (Retail), 1:400), ProNoneYes, $10 per month after a yearStandard Account


eToro Overview

eToro is licensed by ASIC, which means it follows Australia’s severe financial rules, guaranteeing traders’ money is safely maintained in segregated accounts and that they benefit from fair and transparent trading methods.


eToro Pros and Cons

eToro offers negative balance protectionThere are limited customization options with the platform
eToro is a reputable social trading platformThere are limited customization options
All accounts receive negative balance protection
eToro is transparent about its operations and trading conditions



🔎Broker⚖️Regulation💰Minimum Deposit💳Sign-up Bonus?📊Spreads📈Leverage💳Commission❌Inactivity Fee💻Account Types
PepperstoneASIC, BaFin, CMA, CySEC, DFSA, FCA and SCBAU$200NoFrom 0.0 pips1:200 (Retail), 1:500 (Pro)From AU$7NoneStandard Account, Razor Account


Pepperstone Overview

Pepperstone, regulated by ASIC, proves its dedication to following regulatory criteria such as financial transparency, client money security via segregation, and fair trading procedures by providing Australian traders with a safe and dependable trading platform.


Pepperstone Pros and Cons

Pepperstone focuses on the best execution practicesThere is a lack of extensive education
All client funds are held in segregated accountsThere are leverage limits applied
Pepperstone has competitive conditions and fees
All retail accounts are protected by negative balance protection


ASIC Regulated (AUS) - 10 Best Forex Brokers 1



In our experience, ASIC’s regulatory framework is critical in establishing the landscape of Australian forex and CFD trading, ensuring that traders continue to trade in a safe and transparent environment.


ASIC’s latest upgrades and improvements to its standards, such as implementing leverage limits, greater transparency requirements, and stronger client money protection laws, demonstrate the regulator’s commitment to investor safety and market integrity.


These changes necessitate forex and CFD brokers to constantly adapt their operations and compliance standards, emphasizing openness, fairness, and risk management in customer interactions.


As the financial markets develop, so does ASIC’s regulatory strategy, exhibiting a responsive and proactive attitude to evolving trends and issues.


Overall, this dynamic regulatory framework keeps Australia’s financial markets competitive and appealing to both local and foreign traders, encouraging a culture of innovation and safety in forex and CFD trading.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using an ASIC-regulated forex broker?

You are protected by tougher legislation and consumer protections, which provide better security and transparency.


Who is ASIC?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent Australian government entity that regulates financial services. It oversees market and financial services activities to promote fairness, transparency, and consumer and investor protection.


Do ASIC regulations apply to all forex brokers?

No, only brokers based in Australia or targeting Australian customers must be ASIC-regulated.


Who is the best ASIC-regulated forex broker?

The “best” ASIC-regulated forex broker is a subjective decision based on individual trading requirements, preferences, and priorities, such as trading platforms, instruments provided, customer support, and trading conditions.

However, some of the best include AvaTrade, IC Markets, and GO Markets.


How do I find the best ASIC forex broker for me?

Consider costs, spreads, platforms, customer service, and available products depending on your trading requirements.


What are the risks of using a non-ASIC regulated broker?

You have less protection and may be vulnerable to fraud, unfair practices, and increased risks.


What are the recent changes to ASIC regulations for forex brokers?

Leverage restrictions have been decreased, negative balance protection is required, and CFD marketing is banned.