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Best Forex Trading Platforms 

Check out the Best Forex Trading Platforms, as ranked by FXML members:

In this way, you will need to ‘drive’ your chosen Forex trading platform on your personal highway to financial success. If you have the experience, then sure, go with a high performance, complex platform that will enhance your skills. If you are a high volume trader with a busy workload, maybe one of the simpler platforms will suit you better. Similar to reviewing a car purchase decision, you probably want to find the platform that offers you the best trading tools, most efficient services, finest dashboard, the most user-friendly features, joining bonus and the most security.
Do you see what I’m getting at?
Ava trade
Each of the Forex brokers in the above list operates the best Forex trading platforms in the industry.  

There are many Forex trading platforms available and when choosing one, regardless of whether you are new to Forex or an experienced trader looking to replace your current platform, it is essential to choose the correct one. 
Think of it like choosing a car. If you are an experienced driver with a powerful manual transmission vehicle, you’ll be looking for a high performance model.  

The five Forex brokers shown in the table operate the best trading platforms in the industry.
The official FXML trading community has selected them from amongst dozens as the most popular trading platforms with which to begin Forex trading. 
best forex trading platformsEach broker offers several platforms, for any purpose, such as Downloadable platforms (Windows Trader), web platforms (Webtrader), social trading platforms (eToro's openbook), auto-trading (mirror-trader by AVA), mobile-trading (4XPhone, Plus Mobile), MT4, etc. There are platforms which are better suited for beginners (Webtrader by eToro, Plus500), while others are better for more advanced traders (FXCM MT4, AVA).

Curious to know which of these brokers' platforms 
we like most?


The five brokers in the list are world leaders; however, each broker offers a number of trading platforms some of which are better than others.
Let’s take a look at the best of them:

etoro's openbook for social trading1. OpenBook, by eToro: eToro's innovative and outstanding platform for social trading. Super cool trading experience that combines forex and social. The Facebook of Forex market. As their motto says- See, Follow, Copy!
Why? Because it is super cool idea, the full transparency, the intuitive interface and the opportunity to earn money by following experienced traders with a simple click.

avafxc web trading user interface2. AvaJava, by AvaTrade:
A web based platform which allows you to trade in the most secure way. Both AvaJava and AvaTrader were designed by AvaTrade team. 
      Why? Because it is so easy to use, a highly intuitive platform, completely secure, with almost no mishaps at all. I can honestly say that trading with Ava's platform takes my trading experience into the next level.

trade forex with plus500 webtrader platform3.Webtrader, by Plus500: Another web-based trading platform, designed and developed by Plus500, mostly for beginners. Its simple 'look and feel' makes it extremely popular among novices.
Why? Designed for inexperienced traders, Plus500 WebTrader offers only the necessary tools a trader needs. In two words: no bullshit! Add intuitive tools, and an unlimited demo account (unlike most companies, with Plus500 you can practice as long as you want!), and you have got yourselves a winner.

eToro webtrader4. Webtrader, by eToro: If you have never tried eToro's webtrader, you have to try it. This web based trading platform is, Like everything eToro develop, the coolest, most fun way to trade currencies. eToro shows that trading currencies can be at the same time profitable, fun, intuitive and easy to operate.
Why? Because of their mega-innovative interface, the intuitive trading tools, and the direct access to OpenBook from the dashboard.


trade forex with fxcm mt4 platform5. MT4, FXCM:
if MT4 is the most popular trading platform in the world, FXCM offers its best version. You know exactly what you get trading with MT4, such as an endless variety of currency pairs, a full toolbox of learning tools, and trading features.
      Why? Because with MT4 there are no surprises. Because it’s the most popular trading platform in the world. Because trading with FXCM means trading with giants. FXCM are one of the largest brokers in the world, after going public last year.

trade forex with mirror trader
6. Mirror-Trader, by AvaTrade: 
One of the best Forex trading platforms in the world for auto trading. Auto-trading has become such a hot trend in online trading, and there is no better way to trade automatically by copying other trades than mirror-trader.
      Why? platform execute your trades automatically by setting your orders, because of the opportunity to minimize your risk by copying a list of other traders, the easy process in order to start copying, and the nice data it shows on the traders you can copy.
Start Trading: Once choosing a platform, all you have left is to get started. Simply fill In your details, choose a demo (practice) account or real one, your initial deposit, and you are set to go.
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Hey pal, can i copy you?

Once you choose your preferred online Forex trading platform:

First, review the Forex trading platforms listed at the top of the page.
This list of the best trading platforms in the industry will help you decide on the online trading platform for you. Use it well, and it will help you turn crisis into advantage through the Forex market. Unlike other Forex trading platforms lists, in FXML, our community ranks the brokers. By reviewing the ratings list you can see which broker is popular and which is less popular. 
Decided on your preferred Forex platform? Opening a free trading account takes less than 5 minutes.
Once done, time for business:

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