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Last Update: June 15th, 2020

Forex brokers and trading platforms

There is no need to visit your banker or hire investing consultants in order to trade Forex. All you need to do is to find a broker online, sign in and open a trading account. That is why it is so important to choose a broker that fits your needs. There are several important criteria for choosing a broker:
platform UI security quotes customer service and support 24/7 transaction costs

Security: choose a regulated broker, one that is operating in one of the main regulated territories e.g. USA, Germany,Great Britain, Australia or France.
 Customer service: good brokers offer reliable customer support, giving you the possibility to communicate with their representatives and get answers to your questions.
 Trading platform: the platform should be clear, intuitive and simple to run. It should include a variety of trading tools and technical indicators. Bonuses like live news and articles certainly raise its quality.
 Transaction costs: compare the fees taken by different brokers and look for one which is competitive.
 Live quotes: accurate quotes and fast response times to your orders are critical for successful trading.

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3 Simple steps to start trading

Choose the broker you would like to open a trading account with.

 Register to open a trading account and deposit the initial amount you want to trade with.

 Activate your account. Once you’re registered you’ll receive an email from your broker, with username, password and instructions.

deposit money to fund your account

Most Forex brokers require a minimum deposit of USD 25-100. However, in order to get a personal account manager, it is advised to deposit $500 or more. Ask for a personal account manager when opening an account, even if it means calling to the brokerage’s help desk! An account manager will put you right on track, by helping you with every technical question, tip, trading advice and more.

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