Clinton Called the Bluff, the FBI Folded

Posted Monday, November 7, 2016 by
Skerdian Meta • 2 min read

I know we are a bit late with the espionage series because this news was out yesterday in the evening, but this is worth having a look at. So what happened over the weekend?

The FBI closed the Clinton email case yesterday, which, in my opinion, was a machination to hurt her reputation in the US presidential run. As I said in the weekly review, allegedly the FBI chiefs are on Trump's side. That makes perfect sense since opening an investigation just a few days before the elections is an incredible act of support for Trump.

That seems even funnier when the accusations for the other candidate are for much stronger criminal offences. So, Clinton gets investigated for mishandling of classified emails (she used her personal email for office purposes), while Trump makes it to the other side of the river all dry after accusations such as tax evasion, racism, sexual molestation, rape, etc.

It gets even funnier when he accuses the FBI for being on Clinton's side. Has he ever heard of double standards?  I guess we´re not going to see any glimpse of dignity from him until the elections are over. In fact, it might go on for months after the elections because Trump said that he will accept the elections only if he wins. I´ll miss him when this is all over.

Anyway, the gap last night came as a result of this news. This latest FBI investigation was a heavy burden for Clinton and it almost turned the tide for the US presidential elections, which was the reason the USD got hammered last week. Now the market sentiment towards the Buck is a lot better but the elections are not over yet, so take care guys. You see how the sentiment shifts nowadays, taking the USD and other major forex pairs up and down with it. You don´t have to get every single pip out there, just hang on for two more days until the market hopefully gets back to normal.  

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