The Quid Takes It on the Chin from Scotland’s Sturgeon

Posted Tuesday, March 14, 2017 by
Skerdian Meta • 2 min read

In the last 12 hours, we have had quite a few events take place in the UK regarding Brexit. Last evening, Scotland's Sturgeon appeared in a press conference pushing towards Scotland´s independence. 

To tell you the truth, a few years ago, the referendum for Scottish independence didn´t make much sense. Personally, I was totally against it and I was positive that the “NO” side would win, which was what actually happened.

At this time in history, I´m afraid another Scottish referendum would break the UK apart. The UK as a whole wanted out of the EU, but the Scots voted largely against leaving the EU and I think that it´s only sensible to have another independence referendum. The Scots don´t have to follow the English down whatever strange path they want to go.

In my opinion, all this Brexit nonsense will mean a decade of economic hardship for Britain for no reason, only to get back to where it was a decade ago.

As forex traders, we see everything from an economic perspective and as we have known for about a year, this perspective is not great for the UK economy. The Quid has shown that since the Brexit vote, today´s decline is another Brexit kick.

In my opinion, Trump makes more sense than Brexit. Americans voted for Donald Trump to make a few changes (some of which might be considered too radical) and that´s happening. Brexit, on the other hand, won´t change anything for the British.

At best, the number of Eastern Europeans in Britain would be a bit smaller, but that´s about it. Calais will still be full of people from across the world trying to cross the channel.

Economically, it´s an even bigger nonsense because the EU is not running the UK economy, UK politicians. If the crisis of the last decade is anybody´s fault, it´s of the UK politicians. Of course, a big part of that came from across the ocean which started after the housing bubble burst.

So, no EU there. It´s been the UK politicians all along and the funniest thing is that they have been trying to put the blame on the EU for their failures the entire time. 

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