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Time For Some Catfight – French Elections, Mind the Euro

Posted Monday, March 20, 2017 by
Skerdian Meta • 2 min read

The French elections are getting closer (April 23rd first round, May 7th second round) and today is the first debate takes place today. I don´t know who will be against who at 7:30 pm GMT.

Wait, just realized it will be the five of them altogether. So it´s gonna be Macron, Fillon (both pro-EU candidates), Le Penn (anti-EU), Hamon and Melenchon. With all due respect, no one cares about the last two candidates as the odds of them winning are close to nil.

Still worth watching though, as the debate might shake things up. The last candidates might surprise us and race ahead in the polls after the debate. The same goes for Le Penn; Macron just overtook her in the latest Elabe poll with 25.5% against 25%. But, if she does well today she might as well jump to over 30%.

I´m not sure how much the Euro will be affected by today´s debate, but it´s likely to see some action as the candidates throw all they´ve got at the French public. Of course, if Le Penn takes the lead in the debate, then the Euro is going to suffer.

Speaking of the public, I hope there will be an audience because this way we can get a taste of what the French really think and who they support, without going through different filters, like the polls. During the Brexit campaign, I got the feeling that the Brexit camp might win, since their side of the audience was the louder.

The same thing happened with Trump. By the way, if your internet shuts down today it´s probably because of him. He´s meeting with Bill Gates in an attempt to close down parts of internet. I have no idea how that might work, but there you go, the new world order is here. I read a piece in The Independent yesterday that the center of the free world is shifting to Berlin from Washington and Merkel is now the leader of it. It surely looks like it.  

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