The unemployment rate declined by 3 points in Canada

Forex Signals US Session Brief, Jan 10 – US and Canadian Employment Reports Didn’t Jump Start the Markets

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Markets have been quite volatile since the last few days of 2019, when everything started going against the US, as traders were adjusting their positions, closing their long term buy trades in the USD. When the new year started, the year-end cash flows ended, but the sentiment turned negative after a US drone killed the top Iranian military leader Soleimani. Iran retaliated back by attacking some US military bass in Iraq this week, which sent markets through a roller-coaster ride. But, tensions calmed after no US personnel was killed in the attacks and Donald Trump didn’t attack Iran back, which would have escalated the situation.

The USD has continued to climb higher in the last two days as the year-end cash flows still unwind, but in general markets have been quiet in the second half of this week. Today was even quieter, as traders were waiting for the US and Canadian employment reports to give some direction, but they didn’t offer much. Unemployment remained unchanged in the US which left the USD un-phased, while in Canada it declined by 3 points, which gave the CAD a little boost but that was it.

The European Session

  • Italian Industrial Production – Industrial production has been volatile in Europe in the lat two years, but yesterday’s report from Germany showed a nice jump for November, which was a sign that today’s report from Italy and France were going to be positive. Production turned positive and increased by 0.1%, against expectations of 0.0%. It’s not much but it’s a positive sign after two negative months.
  • French Industrial and Manufacturing Production – In France, industrial production has been steadier than in Italy and Germany and today’s report showed that.

    • Prior +0.4%; revised to +0.5%
    • Industrial production +1.3% vs +0.4% y/y expected
    • Prior -0.2%; revised to -0.1%
    • Manufacturing production -0.1% m/m
    • Prior +0.5%; revised to +0.6%
    • Manufacturing production +1.2% y/y
    • Prior +0.1%; revised to +0.2%
  • Iran Denying Attacking Ukrainian Plane – While the attention was on Soleimani killing and Iran attacking US air bases, the biggest casualties came from the crash of the plane leaving Teheran for Ukraine on Wednesday night. Many people died there and yesterday everyone was blaming Iran for that, apart from US officials. Today, Iran said that videos showing missile hitting Ukrainian airliner are not verified and that the crash probe could take up to one to two years.
  • BOE’s Tenreyro Sounding Dovish Too Now – The Bank of England was remaining neutral before the UK elections, but now that Brexit is set in stone, BOE members are concentrating on the reality, which is not so positive and they seem to have turned dovish. Yesterday chairman Carney made some dovish remarks, today, BOE policymaker, Silvana Tenreyro added to that. Below are her comments:
    • My inclination is towards a rate cut if downside risks emerge
    • Risks are tilted to the downside
    • Expects inflation to stay below target still
    • Expects pay growth to be sustained in the early part of 2020
    • UK labour market is very tight, but not tightening further
    • Very hard to think that this is the peak of the labour market
    • Key input on rate decision is how uncertainty unwinds
    • We will be discussing possibility of stimulus in the coming months


The US Session

  • US Employment Report – The employment report was released form the US, for December, coming from a strong month in November when new jobs increased by 266k. Today, new jobs increased by 145k, against 162k expected.
    • Prior was +266K (revised to 256K)
    • Estimates ranged from +125K to +210K
    • Two month net revision -14K
    • Unemployment rate 3.5% vs 3.5% expected (prior 3.5%)
    • Participation rate 63.2% vs 63.2% prior
    • Avg hourly earnings +0.1% m/m vs +0.3% exp
    • Prior avg hourly earnings +0.2% (revised to +0.3%)
    • Avg hourly earnings +2.9% y/y vs +3.1% exp  (weakest since July 2018)
    • Prior avg hourly earnings 3.1%
    • Avg weekly hours 34.3 vs 34.4 exp
    • Private payrolls +139K vs +153K exp
    • Manufacturing -12K vs +5K exp
    • U6 underemployment 6.7% vs 6.9%
  • Canadian Employment Report – The employment report from Canada was released at the same time ans the US jobs report. Jobs have been declining in the previous two months, but today’s report showed a 35.2k increase versus 25.0k estimated.
    • View on outlook intact since December meeting
    • We’re focused on getting inflation up to 2% goal
    • Downside risks diminished a bit since the summer
    • Inflation risks are skewed to the downside
    • Have seen some pickup in break-even inflation and surveys recently
    • Fed policy is providing some accommodation
  • standing down, so good news.
  • US Home Sale Inventories – US home sale inventories increased by only 0.1% in October, but were revised lower today to 0.0%. For November, inventories were expected to increase by 0.2%, but instead increased by 1.5% MoM. Below are the details:
    • Highest since March
    • Prior was -0.7% (revised to -0.9%)
    • Wholesale inventories -0.1% vs 0.0% expected
    • Prior wholesale inventories 0.0%

Trades in Sight

Bullish GOLD

  • The pullback down is complete
  • The trend is strongly bullish
  • The 50 SMA is providing support on the H4 chart
The 50 SMA continues to provide support on the H4 chart

Gold has been bullish for a long time, with the global economy weakening and heading towards contraction, as well as the sentiment being mainly negative due to escalating geopolitical and trade tensions. This year the uptrend picked up pace after US killer Iran’s Soleimani and Iran attacked some US bases in Iraq.

But, after the initial scare, the situation calmed down, since iran didn’t kill any US personnel and Trump is not giving any signs of hitting back. As a result, safe havens have been retreating lower in the last few days, with USD/JPY climbing around 200 pips higher, while Gold has given back more than $70 of its previous gains.

Bu, the decline stopped at the 50 SMA (yellow) on the H4 chart for Gold. . This moving average held and it seems like it has turned into support now. The retreat is complete and Gold has bounced around $10 higher, so this might be a good chance for those who want to buy. Although, if the situation between US and Iran calms further, then the sentiment will improve which would turn Gold bearish. But, technically now Gold is pointing higher.

In Conclusion

The sentiment has improved further today since Donald Trump is not giving signs of attacking Iran back. Many Western media and politicians pointed the finger at Iran for attacking the Ukrainian plane and killing many people in it, but Iran has denied it, so no escalation at the moment. At least, we will go into the weekend more relaxed.

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