Is Xaurum headed for a bullish spike?

Xaurum Continues Its Erratic Behavior with a Big Drop Today

Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2021 by
Timothy St. John • 2 min read

One of the more interesting micro-cryptos, Xaurum tends to have a lot of up-and-down movement over short periods of time. Today, its price has fallen almost 11% down to $0.02324 (XAUR/USD).

Xaurum’s high for the last seven days is $0.02855 with today’s price being the lowest it has seen in some time. The last time this crypto was so low is back on the 11th of September, and it saw similar lows around that period. Xaurum goes through a lot of extremes, and it has shot as high as $0.03421 this month, which happened early on, during the 6th.

The very high highs and low lows of this crypto do not tend to stick, and it quickly moves from one to the other. That is why it is such an interesting crypto to watch- an excellent investment for day traders looking to earn their money back fast.

What We Expect after This Drop

Now that Xaurum has fallen to its lowest point in a few weeks, we expect it to shoot back up quickly. The only thing holding it back from a major spike right now is that this crypto has tended to less extremes over the last week. The price has mostly played between a range of $0.028 and $0.02517. Earlier in the moth, however, the crypto was alternating between $0.0336 and $0.02356 quickly and on a regular basis.

What today’s drop of 11% means is that Xaurum may be picking up some speed. It could go back to those rapid increases and decreases we saw earlier in the month. Trade volume is down for this crypto, but not by much. There was a drop of 0.85% over the last 24 hours, which is practically negligible. Xaurum could easily pick back up tomorrow and see a massive spike. That would be very much in line with how the crypto has operated over the last few months. It is also much better than Xaurum was performing last week. Do not expect Xaurum to stay down this low for very long.



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