Did Martin Shkreli and Barron Trump Really Create the DJT Token?

Martin Shkreli, the controversial figure known as “Pharma Bro,” has made a sensational claim that he and Barron Trump, the 18-year-old son of former President Donald Trump, are behind the DJT TrumpCoin.

This Trump-branded cryptocurrency has seen a dramatic surge in value, skyrocketing by 385% within 24 hours and reaching a trading volume of $363 million.

Shkreli, who was convicted of securities fraud in 2017, stated that he was approached by an acquaintance of Barron Trump to create the coin.

“About three months ago, I started working with two other guys, one of whom was a Trump family member, to create Trump Coin,” Shkreli said in a live stream on X (formerly Twitter). He added, “I was surprised. It was the president’s son, which seemed like a good idea. He wants to make money.”

Despite these assertions, Shkreli has not provided concrete evidence to substantiate his claims. He insists he has “over 1,000 pieces of evidence” of Barron Trump’s involvement but has yet to make any of this proof public.

The Market Reaction and Investor Skepticism

The announcement of possible ties to the Trump family caused a frenzy in the market, sending DJT TrumpCoin’s value soaring. However, scepticism remains high. Blockchain company Arkham Intelligence has even offered $150,000 to anyone who can conclusively identify the creator of the DJT token.

Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, has not confirmed any connection to the coin. Additionally, Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform, which shares the DJT symbol, has not commented on the matter.

Adding to the intrigue, Shkreli mentioned that one of his former interns, who is close to Barron Trump, facilitated the introduction. Yet, the legitimacy of these connections remains under scrutiny, with many questioning the veracity of Shkreli’s statements.

The Broader Cryptocurrency Landscape

While DJT TrumpCoin experiences a meteoric rise, other Trump-related tokens are facing difficulties. For instance, the MAGA coin, another Trump-themed cryptocurrency, not officially linked to Donald Trump, has plummeted by over 20% to $6.82 per coin, with a market cap of just over $328 million.

Meanwhile, Trump Media’s stock also suffered a 15% drop on the Nasdaq, falling to approximately $27 per share.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which emerged in 2009, are decentralized digital currencies not controlled by central banks. Advocates argue that this decentralization offers financial freedom, but it also results in high volatility, posing significant risks for investors.

Martin Shkreli’s notorious past adds another layer of complexity to his latest claims. Known for drastically increasing the price of the life-saving drug Daraprim by over 4,000%, Shkreli served more than four years in prison for defrauding investors. In 2017, he was banned for life from the pharmaceutical industry.

As the DJT TrumpCoin saga unfolds, the cryptocurrency world watches closely. Whether Shkreli’s bold claims hold any truth or are merely another chapter in his controversial history remains to be seen. The Post has reached out to a Trump spokesperson and Truth Social for comments, but no responses have been received at the time of writing.

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