Solana-Based Memecoin Bonk Flips WIF, Briefly Enters Bullish Territory

Solana-Based Memecoin Bonk Flips WIF, Briefly Enters Bullish Territory

Bonk (BONK), a dog-themed memecoin on the Solana blockchain, recently surpassed rival WIF (dogwifhat) to become the world’s fourth-largest memecoin by market cap. This surge comes amid a broader green wave in the crypto market following positive news regarding Ethereum ETFs.


  • BONK’s market cap reached $1.83 billion, surpassing WIF’s $1.69 billion.
  • Despite initial bullish momentum, BONK struggled to sustain gains, with trading volume dropping by over 45%.
  • Analysts remain cautiously optimistic, with some predicting a potential rise to $0.000040 if it decisively breaches the $0.000028 resistance level.
  • Technical indicators suggest a potential bullish cycle, but BONK’s lack of utility raises concerns about its long-term stability.

Bullish Spark and Fading Momentum

BONK’s recent price hike can be attributed to two factors: the overall market recovery and news related to Spot Ethereum ETFs. However, this bullish momentum appears to be short-lived. Trading volume has significantly declined, indicating a potential drop in investor and trader participation. Open Interest (OI) also witnessed a decrease, reflecting a decline in leveraged bets on the coin.

WIF’s Struggles and BONK’s Technical Analysis

While BONK faces headwinds, WIF grapples with similar issues. Its trading volume has fallen, although its Open Interest has shown a slight uptick. On the technical front, BONK appears to be in an uptrend, supported by a trendline since December 2023. If it surpasses the $0.000028 resistance level, there’s a possibility of reaching $0.000040, the next resistance zone. Additionally, trading above the 200-day EMA suggests a potential bull cycle.

Community Hype and Analyst Predictions

Recent announcements regarding artist grant recipients by the Bonk team have fueled community excitement. However, it’s crucial to remember that BONK, like most memecoins, lacks real-world use cases. Its price is primarily driven by online sentiment and social media trends. Analysts remain divided, with some like @ColdBloodShill expressing optimism based on the daily chart. He predicts a potential upswing if BONK can reclaim a major resistance point.

Bonk Derivatives and Investor Sentiment

Data suggests a rise in BONK derivatives volume and OI, indicating increased investor interest in leveraged positions. The Long/Short ratio of liquidations also favors bulls. However, with more short positions being liquidated recently, it’s important to exercise caution.


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