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The SOL/USD closed at $91.784 after hitting a high of $99.835 and a low of $80.919. SOL/USD dropped on Monday and extended Full Article

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Today in the Asian trading session, the SOL/USD Coin failed to stop its early-day bearish rally and took some further offers around below $1 Full Article

6 M

The SOL/USD was closed at $155.203 after setting a high of $172.951 and a low of $148.384. SOL/USD reversed its course on Monday and dropped Full Article

7 M

SOL, the native token of the smart contract-enabled blockchain Solana, has increased in value by 7% in the last 24 hours Full Article

8 M

The SOL/USD coin failed to maintain its previous-day bullish rally and drew some fresh offers around the $165.00 level. Full Article

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