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THORChain (ERC20) Price (RUNE/USD)

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RUNE/USD Signals

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One of the popular cross-chain exchanges, THORChain (RUNE), has suffered another attack, with hackers camping off with as much as $8 million
3 yrs
THORCHain is focused on helping users easily exchange cryptocurrencies and is based on being able to do so in a decentralized manner. Full Article
3 yrs
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About THORChain

The decentralized digital asset THORChain is significant because it allows users to perform cross chain transfers, trading assets through more than one network. This liquidity platform requires no permission for users to access or trade with and is designed to be custodian-less. That means it is very appealing for hackers because it is difficult to access by invasive means.

THORChain operates using two block chains at once and by creating bi-directional bridges that connect them. This means that assets on the THORChain network can be sent In a way that is considered custodian-less and permission-less. The entire notion of THORChain is about cross-chain transactions, and RUNE is the preferred digital asset on this network and the proprietary cryptocurrency of THORChain.

RUNE was created to help decentralize exchanges and to fix some of the perceived errors in the current blockchain transfer system. It provides exceptional liquidity when conducting transfers, which is why it has managed to flourish when other cryptocurrencies have plummeted, which you can see by checking our THORChain chart.

THORChain Breakdown

The most Innovative aspect of THORChain is its ability to swap between privacy coins and native cryptocurrencies. This allows for quick and seamless trades on the single THORChain platform between RUNE and a variety of other currencies.

THORChain was the very first decentralized exchange platform, and it continues to innovate and make history in the crypto-currency market. It is essentially meant to work as the backend on a large range of cryptocurrency and digital asset trades for the future. This makes it easy to swap between currencies without the need for much wrapping.

The platform's proprietary cryptocurrency, RUNE, operates on a limited supply concept. Only 500 million runecoins can exist, ensuring their value and securing their rarity. The current circulating supply of runecoins is 213,536,800.

The USD/RUNE price is currently $12.95, and it is considered a good investment. The strong THORChain platform ensures some measure of stability for RUNE, and the relative anonymity and a hands-off approach of its Founders and operators help to ensure that the crypto RUNE is not adversely affected by poor publicity and social media snafus.

THORChain RUNE Price Prediction

THORChain History

The team of digital asset Developers started THORChain in 2018 coming out of a Binance hackathon. There is no single founder for the platform and the 18 developers who organized the project do not have any job titles. The developers are all considered direct members and go by pseudonyms rather than their actual names. All of the resources used to grow THORChain have been created by its members beyond the original founders.

The platform is innovative for being exceptionally transparent, which is why this unconventional model works for it. The platform is regularly audited by a third party and all the code for THORChain is open source.

RUNE coins are distributed to people who increase the tokens in the liquidity pool. As the pool is accessed, stake owners can receive fees for those interactions.

THORChain launched its main net called Chaosnet earlier this year. This has been used as a backend for several services, and it makes it even easier to swap between native currencies with minimal wrapping.

THORChain Price Factors

What affects the Rune price? As with all cryptocurrencies and fiat money, economic factors are a major consideration. If the economy tanks, so too will many cryptocurrencies, as people will be selling them off in order to make ends meet. As stimulus money is poured into the economy, cryptocurrencies like Rune can do very well, and we have already seen from last year and this year when the RUNE rate improved after stimulus checks were sent out to US citizens.

The rarity of Rune coins will also affect their price. Because of the manufactured scarcity of Rune coins, they are set to retain at least some value, even as the THORChain rate rises and falls.

Its ranking among other cryptocurrencies and overall popularity will also determine the RUNE price. This crypto currently ranks at #41 among over 5,000 cryptocurrencies with the potential to rank much higher as more people learn about it. A lot of the pricing is based on popularity, but specific rate increases and decreases can also be based on which banks and other Financial Services adopt RUNE and how easy it is to purchase online through major digital asset trading platforms

Trading THORChain

RUNE Is a volatile currency because it is a digital asset. It will be more volatile than fiat, physical money since it is not backed by a central bank, which is why it is advisable for potential investors to use expert analysis provided by FX Leaders before trading. The RUNE rate can dramatically increase or decrease even in a short period of 24 hours. This is why cryptocurrency is such a hot investment market right now, as prices are very volatile and there is opportunity for great risk and reward.

RUNE has done incredibly well for itself since the beginning of the year, as have many other cryptocurrencies. Looking at the RUNE chart, this crypto managed to skyrocket by about 2,000% in the first half of the year, but it has settled down significantly since then. An example of how volatile this and any cryptocurrency can be is the massive drop of around 60% in a few days in May of this year.

RUNE’s liquidity is determined by those earning fees off of access to the THORChain pool. Since this is one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, RUNE is available at many trading platforms, most notably HitBTC, Gate.io, and Binance.


What is THORCHain?

THORChain is a platform that allows for blockchain to blockchain trading. RUNE Is a proprietary digital asset of that platform, and it is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2018.

How can I trade THORChain?

You can buy THORChain on the THORChain platform as well as on other major cryptocurrency trading platforms, like Binance, Gate.io, and HitBTC.

How can I store THORChain?

THORChain can be stored in a digital wallet on a number of online servers and password protected. It can also be stored offline, in a flash drive where it will be safe from hackers.

What can you buy with THORChain?

THORChain can be used to buy Other cryptocurrencies on trading platforms. RUNE can also be used to buy digital goods in some parts of the internet. As more trading platforms and financial institutions accept and adopt THORChain, it will be able to be used for more kinds of purchases.

Is it legal to buy THORChain?

Most countries have no laws preventing the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like THORChain. However, a few countries do restrict their citizens from buying digital assets, and new laws could easily limit cryptocurrency trading in the near future.

Is THORChain regulated in the UK?

The only regulation that THORChain and other cryptocurrencies experience in the UK at the moment is related to money laundering. There are no other regulations on THORChain in the UK at this time, but that could change as new laws are adopted.

What are the risks in trading THORChain?

This cryptocurrency is considered volatile and the price can change dramatically in a short period of time. Economic factors can affect the price as well as other unpredictable events. If you're looking to invest in THORChain, it would be wise to consult an expert analysis and forecast like the RUNE chart.