Interpol Metaverse

Interpol Metaverse: A New Hope For Metaverse Crime Victims

Posted Friday, October 21, 2022 by
Sophia Cruz • 1 min read

Ain’t no crime will be tolerated even in the virtual universe. The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has announced this week that the “Interpol Metaverse” is now fully operational and is available from the Interpol force’s cloud service. The main goal of this project is to constrain the expanding list of crimes in the metaverse. 

The Interpol Metaverse is a shared virtual reality (VR) space that allows users to connect to a VR headset. The user can visit a virtual version of Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France. This way, they can interact with other police and take training courses through a 3D chat room.

According to Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s Executive Director of Technology and Innovation, “The Metaverse has the potential to transform every aspect of our daily lives with enormous implications for law enforcement”. “In order for police to understand the Metaverse, we need to experience it” he added.

Apparently, as the number of Metaverse users grows, the number of possible crimes will most likely increase as well. These offenses include money laundering, financial scam, phishing, crimes against children, sexual assault, and harassment. In September, a sex offender in South Korea was sentenced to four years for sexually harassing children in the metaverse. This only shows that these crimes are real and not be ignored.

Interpol Metaverse guarantees to provide a more streamlined and efficient way to communicate and work with each other while highlighting the training and education for students and new recruits.

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