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GBP/USD was rejected by the 50 SMA early in December, but is quickly back at it as the USD resumes decline on softer FED rhetoric Full Article

2 W

USD/CAD resumes the bullish trend again after last week's pullback lower and today's break above the 50 SMA was a bullish signal Full Article

4 M

Eurozone consumer inflation CPI reached 10% in September, which the ECB will use to continue with their rate hikes Full Article

4 M

USD/CAD dipped below 1.30 and reversed back up again after the 5 point jump in unemployment rate during August in Canada Full Article

5 M

The German unemployment rate jumped higher, which might be anther negative data for the Euro as it holds the EBC back Full Article

7 M

The increase in prices and interest rates is hurting the European consumer, which might translate into a recession soon down the year Full Article

8 M

AUD/USD has fallen below the major support level of 0.70 again, indicating further selling pressure to come Full Article

9 M

The GBP had a nice jump today on the back of better UK data, better sentiment and weaker USD, but we decided to take a short Full Article

9 M

China is going from bad to worse as coronavirus restrictions continue, yet the risk sentiment is slightly on today Full Article

9 M

USD/CAD is turning bullish again as crude oil turns bearish, with the US WTI falling below $100 Full Article

10 M

Gold has fallen below $2,000 after failing at all-time high from 2020 Full Article

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