We know the Australian economy is heavily connected to the China due to exports. We, also know that the Aussies want to keep it calm Full Article

1 h

GBP/USD has been in a steep downtrend for more than a month now. The softening economy and inflation are weighing on the GBP Full Article

3 h

The U.S. stock indices SPX, DJIA, and Nasdaq are plunging dramatically nearly 1%. With that, the European stock reacted worse causing 1.46%. Full Article

3 h
CPI (YoY) (U.K.)

Released monthly, about 16 days after the month ends;This is the most important inflat... Full Article

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The day of the truth has finally arrived for the European Central Bank (ECB) and the EU. The economic data is out and it is not good Full Article

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New Active Signal

Stop Loss: 109.37
Take Profit: 110.2
New stop loss 109.59
New stop loss 109.59
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New stop loss 109.59
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Gold trading range is very likely to get violated during the U.S. session on the release of FOMC meeting minutes. Here's what to expect.. Full Article

6 h

The safe haven currency Japanese Yen is weakening over the series of worse than expected economic indicators. Earlier, the safe haven... Full Article

7 h

You must be excited today as finally, we have enough economic events to determine trends in the sideways markets. Today is all about FOMC... Full Article

9 h

Despite what has been relatively subdued forex markets, our signals have been extremely busy ahead of a big day. Full Article

10 h

A huge percentage of Australia’s wealth is tied up in the property sector and today we've seen poor construction figures. Full Article

11 h

The start of the week was always going to be a little quiet and I think we are still seeing that. Full Article

13 h

June gold futures are attempting to close in the green for the third consecutive session, with price pushing the 1292.0 handle. Full Article

19 h

The EUR/USD is currently trading in a make-or-break technical area ahead of tomorrow's FOMC Minutes release. Full Article

20 h

At press time, the price for July WTI crude oil futures is rotating just above the $72.50 handle. $75.00 may come into play by Friday. Full Article

21 h

As we know now, the US Dollar started to pull back yesterday. But now we are seeing another retrace inside that pullback. Full Article

22 h

On occasion, technical analysis is elementary. The big round number of 25,000 is attracting the attention of traders and investors. Full Article

22 h

The BOE sounded dovish earlier today. The GBP is turning bearish as a result. Litecoin is also sliding lower, but it might reverse soon Full Article

24 h

The Bank of England (BOE) is on now speaking about inflation and it is sounding dovish. We decided to take a trade on GBP/USD Full Article

1 d

Crude oil began the week with a moderate gain in response to an announcement from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that the trade war ... Full Article

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