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Since July 10, the Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen from $13,200 to $9,684, with major cryptocurrency exchanges, recording a 26.6% drop within... Full Article

6 days

The expected correction of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market finally started last week, after Bitcoin went for a re-test of the previous Full Article

1 week

BTC could rise to key resistance at $12,061 in the next few hours, as the hourly chart is reporting a symmetrical triangle breakout... Full Article

2 Wks.

To find out where the market is heading next, we look at the technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Full Article

3 Wks.

The further price rallies above $5000, the more we are going to hear talk of a long-term bottom setting up in Bitcoin. Full Article

4 Mo.

Most of the focus today will be on ECB and what Mario Draghi and his men have in store for us. Full Article

5 Mo.

The US Dollar has recovered pretty well in the last few days after the sudden crash on Monday. That move on Monday didn’t make much sense. Full Article

1 year

The USD doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break. It looks like the market wants to push it up but negative fundamental events keep popping Full Article

1 year

The US Dollar has been enjoying some nice bids last week. But the FED meeting is approaching and forex traders are trying to pick sides. Full Article

1 year

Yesterday, EU and Brexit officials were out with comments about the deal that both sides are trying to reach. The comments were positive. Full Article

1 year

The forex market has reached a blind spot and it is uncertain what to do now. It pushed against the USD last week, while this week... Full Article

1 year

We heard some surprising rumors about Brexit from the EU. This brought the market some relief for a couple of hours, sending the GBP... Full Article

1 year

It seems as the forex market is waiting for the US economic data to be published because it is not taking sides today. That’s if we leave... Full Article

1 year

While the world was waiting to hear from Janet Yellen for the final time, the FX Leaders Team were busy looking for signals. Full Article

1 year