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Following the “flash rally” of last Monday, the USD/CHF has been experiencing heightened levels of participation. Full Article

4 days

In response to weak Retail Sales (Dec.), investors are moving into Swiss francs in mass, driving the USD/CHF toward par value. Full Article

1 week

The consumer price index (CPI) fell by 0.3% in January 2019 compared with the previous month, reaching 101.3 points (December 2015 = 100). Full Article

2 Wks.

The dollar stayed near a six-week high against a basket of currencies as fresh worries over U.S.-Sino trade tensions. Watch out trading levels. Full Article

2 Wks.

Markets have started to see a few cracks starting to appear as the US-China trade deal looks to be on shaky ground. Full Article

2 Wks.

Markets are still busy at the moment and there is plenty of news around to keep volumes high. Today the attention will be on the BOE as they Full Article

2 Wks.

One of the more active pairs on the forex today has been the USD/CHF, turning in a solid rally toward par (1.0000), eventually falling short Full Article

3 Wks.

On Friday, the market is all about trading the technical levels as the economic calendar is almost blank. Watch out the trading levels. Full Article

4 Wks.

The EUR/USD has been relatively stable in recent months against a backdrop of a fair bit of volatility. The ECB hasn’t made too many changes Full Article

1 month

The USD/CHF is in position to close negative for the third straight session. Rates have fallen by more than 60 pips at press time. Full Article

2 Mo.

After a nice rally on the first trading day of the new year, the USD/CHF has pared weekly gains. Full Article

2 Mo.

The compression has reached a fevered pitch in the USD/CHF, with rates bouncing off of both topside resistance and support. Full Article

2 Mo.

The USD/CHF is exhibiting extended daily ranges as a result of the recent volatility facing stock and commodity markets. Full Article

2 Mo.

Wednesday’s rally has proven to be short-lived for the USD/CHF, with bears stepping in throughout today’s forex session. Full Article

2 Mo.

The week to date has been all about the FOMC and what might come of interest rates in the US. Now that we’ve seen the US hike rates it is no Full Article

2 Mo.