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Last week we had several sell Gold signals, as this week we will keep the bearish bias as the USD turns bullish while commodities decline Full Article

4 W

The JPY is benefiting from FED rate hikes, but also from remaining the only safe haven, as Gold and the JPY give up the status Full Article

1 M

We're selling the retrace higher in Gold and Silver as they remain bearish on FED rate hike prospects Full Article

1 M

Gold has reversed down again this week after being rejected by the 100 SMA on the weekly chart Full Article

1 M

Gold is heading for $1,800 as it has acquired the safe haven status again on global economic and political conditions Full Article

2 M

Gold is heading for $2,000 now after the retreat lower at the end of last month Full Article

7 M

EUR/CHF has resumed the downtrend as Spanish CPI inflation keeps surging to 7.4% Full Article

7 M

The US Dollar faces the risk of losing the reserve if China and Russia decide so Full Article

7 M

Uncertainties keeping Gold and Silver bullish Full Article

7 M

The US dollar is enjoying support and trading strong against other leading currencies on Tuesday as rising geopolitical tensions because of Full Article

8 M

The US dollar is trading mostly rangebound but displaying signs of weakness amid thin liquidity in the global forex market towards the end Full Article

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