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The US dollar was the biggest loser yesterday as it retreated lower following a strong bullish rally earlier Full Article

4 W

Gold XAU and Silver XAG have made a bullish break this week as geopolitical tensions remain high Full Article

3 M

Gold XAU and Silver XAG are retreating lower during this bullish trend and we plan to buy them both at support Full Article

3 M

Uncertainties keeping Gold and Silver bullish Full Article

3 M

Silver has formed a bearish reversing pattern and the Chinese GDP report is supporting a reversal lower Full Article

4 M

Crude Oil looking for further highs soon, Gold and Silver trade sideways Full Article

7 M

Silver is finding support at the 50 SMA again after yesterday's retrace, so we decided to buy Full Article

8 M

Just sold Silver again, as MAs are pushing it down Full Article

9 M

Silver has been showing signs of weakness for a month, so we decided to take a short position after the higher US CPI Full Article

10 M

There's an important event happening today, which many traders have been focused on over the past 12 months. Full Article

11 M

With the FOMC the key focus of the next 24 hours, there will surely be many that will be closely watching the precious metals. Full Article

11 M

Gold and SIlver have bounced off the 100 SMA on the H4 charts Full Article

12 M

Just when we thought we were on the verge of a jump higher, the precious metals eased back yesterday. Full Article

12 M