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EUR/USD slips over mounting worries about the spread of the coronavirus into European region after Italy reported a spurt in the number of Full Article

5 Mo.

2020's budget, which aims to maintain fiscal deficit at 2.2% of GDP for the third straight year, has now received approval from both houses Full Article

7 Mo.

italy is heading towards new elections which should keep EUR/USD on the back foot for tjhe coming weeks Full Article

11 Mo.

Rising uncertainties surround trade tensions, Brexit, political tensions, and economic growth continue to exert downward pressure on the EUR Full Article

11 Mo.

The Italian economy improved a little in Q1 of this year after the recession in H2 of 2018, but ISTAT is forecasting another contraction Full Article

1 year

The Italian economy has started to soften again after a couple of positive months at the beginning of this year and the EU is not helping Full Article

1 year

The IMF has expressed concern about Italy's rising debt, stating that it could pose a major risk to the Eurozone economy. Full Article

1 year

The European Commission is planning to impose a fine of around 3.5 billion euros on Italy over rising debt and structural deficit Full Article

1 year

EUR/USD took a bearish turn on Tuesday after Italian deputy prime minister stated that Italy would break EU budget rules Full Article

1 year

Italy has formed a new government, but new elections are in horizon. There is a chance that Italy leaves the Euro but what effects would... Full Article

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