Crypto Signals by FXLeaders: Best Crypto Trading Signals for 2022

Crypto Signals

Last Update: August 16th, 2022
Cryptocurrencies are being traded more frequently than ever before, which is why
it is so important that investors make use of free crypto signals. These are tools
created by industry experts to alert investors about promising trading opportunities.
With the massive trade volumes the cryptocurrency market is seeing, free crypto signals
have become an invaluable buying and selling tool. They help you to sort through the
hundreds of digital assets and the overwhelming data to make sense of it all.
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  • In June, our most profitable trading signals were on forex. We made the most of the bullish momentum in the USD, going long against most major currencies. The pairs where we made the most profit were USD/JPY long positions, EUR/USD sell and NZD/USD sell positions.
  • In the crypto domain, our results were mixed, as most cryptocurrencies kept changing direction. After the bearish momentum during the second week, cryptocurrencies traded in a range, bouncing up and down.
  • In commodities, GOLD, has been showing a clear bearish trend. We tried to benefit from it and have opened many sell signals, most of which closed in profit, as did the WTI Oil signals, with crude Oil reversing lower by the middle of the month.
  • BTC/USD turned bearish again early in June, falling below $20,000, and we capitalized on that move, selling Bitcoin.
Understanding Crypto Signals

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                  Ethereum began a downtrend from the $2,000 barrier level versus the US dollar. ETH is stabilizing and may fall lower below $1,810.
                  8 Min
                  Last week market were concentrated on the US CPI and PPI inflation numbers, while this week the covid lockdowns will set the sentiment
                  22 h
                  Bitcoin is gathering upward momentum versus the US dollar above $24,500. The leading cryptocurrency, BTC, may acquire positive momentum if
                  1 d
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                  Ripple (XRP) has not been a straight line, as it has experienced tremendous volatility, along with the entire cryptocurrency market. Full Article

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                  UniSwap began 2021 with a blistering run, to create new all-time highs, as it rallied above the previous resistance of $15.00. Full Article

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                  Understanding the Crypto Market

                  Cryptocurrencies, which are a form of digital decentralized money, first emerged in 2011 with Bitcoin, and now the cryptocurrency market has evolved into many sectors, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), farm yielding, stablecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFT), cross-chains, decentralized exchanges (DEX) etc. This is a 24/7 market of extreme volatility, which offers many opportunities for crypto trading signals. The market has been expanding fast in recent years, and it will become more mainstream in the years to come, as cryptocurrency adoption by the public increases.

                  How to use Crypto Signals?

                  Forex signals are trade recommendations, generated either manually by trading experts, or automatically by trading algorithms. Trading signals include the asset to be traded, the entry level, and the stop loss and take profit levels. Crypto trading signals are the same as forex signals, and traders can follow them either manually, or automatically through copy trading. The entry price can fluctuate considerably in the crypto market, since this is a very volatile market, which means that traders should open their trades at the best possible price.

                  Types of Crypto Signals

                  Crypto trading signals can enhance a traders performance, but there are various different types, and traders should know which one to pick according to their needs. Crypto signals can be manual, automatic, long-term or short-term, etc.

                  Manual Crypto Signals

                  These types of signals are generated manually by experienced traders, who base their trade recommendations on technical and fundamental factors. Manual signals also take the market sentiment into consideration. Fxleaders signals are opened manually, with the stop loss and take profit targets provided.

                  Automatic Crypto Signals

                  Automatic signals are generated by trading algorithms. They are based on technical strategies in general, which are backtested in advance. However, these crypto signals lack flexibility when market conditions change, and in the crypto market the situation changes pretty fast, according to the sentiment.

                  Short-Term Crypto Signals

                  These signals take advantage of daily and weekly swings in the crypto market, targeting gains of 20% to 100%, since this is a normal range in this market. Short-term crypto signals keep the risk limited and are generated with stop loss and take profit targets.

                  Long-Term Crypto Signals

                  Long-term crypto signals can last for months, and they are usually generated manually. They try to catch several waves of the larger trend in the crypto market and are usually buy signals, since the long-term trend in cryptocurrencies is bullish. Such signals target profits of up to 1,000%, considering the large gains in the market.

                  Entry/Exit Crypto Signals

                  Such signals are usually mid-term, and they try to make the most of a bullish wave. When the sentiment improves in the market and technical indicators indicate a buying opportunity, an entry signal is generated, with an open take profit. When a trend has run its course, the pressure starts to fade and indicators begin signaling a reversal, an exit signal is issued, which is your sign to close the trade.

                  Action Forex Signals

                  These signal types are generated once the trend has started. They use the price action, which indicates a bullish or bearish momentum, as a strategy. They tend to be short-term signals, with a smaller earning potential, but with higher odds of hitting take profit.

                  Using Telegram for Crypto Signals

                  Telegram has become a very popular channel for forex signals, and now for crypto signals as well. They have introduced the site, where users can follow successful traders into their MT4 platforms through the trade copier. However, while there are many professional traders, there are also growing numbers of Telegram crypto signals services that are scams. There are different types of scams, such as fixing profits, manipulating prices, not delivering on signals and performance, or simply stealing your account. As a trader, you should be aware of private messages that require account information, and you should also test-check the signal providers, in order to filter out the majority of Telegram scammers.

                  Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Signals

                  Bitcoin heralded in the birth of the crypto market in 2009, and it is still the leading cryptocurrency, with more than 40% market domination. Bitcoin transactions are verified by a computing process known as "mining." Bitcoin signals have become very common, as the earning potential has increased immensely, along with the volatility, since 2020. With high volatility comes high risk too, which means that it is best to follow BTC signals with no leverage at all.
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                  Altcoin Trading Signals

                  Altcoin signals have been on the rise with the increasing number of digital tokens. Crypto signal providers offer signals on a variety of altcoins, although not all signals are suitable for all traders. The volatility in some cryptocurrencies could be extreme - even higher than Bitcoin - so such altcoin signals should be avoided by traders with low liquidity.

                  Ethereum (ETH) Trading Signals

                  Ethereum, which is a decentralized open-source platform for smart contracts, was the first blockchain with actual use cases. It includes over 3,000 DApps, which utilize the native token Ether, making it the second most important altcoin. Ethereum is upgrading from power of work (PoW) to power of stake (PoS), which should make gas fees cheaper and encourage major projects to keep building on the Ethereum network, alongside the current ones, such as MakerDao, Axie Infinity etc. Ethereum signals tend to be less risky, since Ethereum is now considered the average indicator of the crypto market.
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                  Cardano (ADA) Trading Signals

                  Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform with the native token ADA, whose holders have the right to vote on any proposed changes to the software. With the Alonzo hard fork, which was launched in September 2021, Cardano opened the door for real use cases, such as smart contracts. Cardano has been less volatile than the crypto market average, which means smaller targets for Cardano signals. The main Cardano signals to follow are ADA/USD and ADA/USDT.
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                  Shiba Inu (SHIB) Trading Signals

                  This meme coin, which is a newcomer to the industry, was started as a response to Dogecoin. It has attracted a lot of users, and has become the most popular cryptocurrency in terms of followers. Spikes have been few and far between, which means that Shib signals are usually long-term, on a buy-and-forget strategy, with low risk and high earning potential.
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                  Solana (SOL) Trading Signals

                  Solana is a fully functional Layer 1 blockchain, with the emphasis on smart contracts, which account for more than 500 that are built on its network. Solana has reached a transaction throughput of 50,000 TPS, by introducing the proof of history (PoH) consensus, combined with the underlying proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. This has kept the SOL coin in demand since it was launched; long-term Solana signals thus tend to be buy signals.
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                  Binance (BNB) Trading Signals

                  Binance is one of the main global crypto exchanges and the largest in terms of trading volumes. However, it is a centralized exchange (CEX), which has made it a target during the global crypto crackdowns. It has been banned in a number of countries, but the BNB coin continues to enjoy increasing demand. BNB has been less volatile than most of the crypto market, which means that BNB signals are long term, lasting from several months to several years.
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                  Polkadot (DOT) Trading Signals

                  Polkadot is an open source blockchain platform with the native token, DOT. It enables cross-blockchain transfers of cryptocurrencies, but also any type of data or digital asset. The Polkadot network could be considered a Layer 0 protocol, because it underlies a format for a network of Layer 1 blockchains, known as parachains (parallel chains). The first few parachains went live in November 2021, and more will be coming in the years ahead, which is expected to keep DOT in demand. Polkadot has displayed volatility, which means that DOT signals should have large stops to protect traders from whipsaws.
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                  Terra Luna (LUNA) Trading Signals

                  Terra is a blockchain protocol operating on a proof of stake (PoS) model. Terra uses algorithms to generate stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to fiat currencies to offer fast and affordable settlements. Terra has its native coin LUNA, which is used to stabilize the price of stablecoins. The growth of DeFi on the Terra network, to second place after Ethereum, has kept the LUNA coin bullish, so LUNA signals also tend to be buy trade suggestions, since this cryptocurrency was the most bullish in 2021.
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                  Fantom (FTM) Trading Signals

                  Fantom considers itself a highly scalable directed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract Layer 1 blockchain platform for decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto applications (dApps) and enterprise applications. Transactions are confirmed in one second, and they cost an average of one cent. Some of Fantom’s best dApps include AnySwap, Yearn Finance, SushiSwap and Abracadabra. Together with its native coin FTM, Fantom aims to reduce the transaction speed for smart-contract platforms. FTM has been another bullish crypto with high volatility, which means that FTM signals should be entry/exit trade signals, or ones with really large targets.
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