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The IMF has revised its global economic output forecasts lower for this year as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, hampering economic Full Article

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Early on Thursday, gold prices are trading bullish as fears about a second wave of the pandemic support the safe haven appeal of precious Full Article

1 month

The IMF GDP forecasts have been revised lower once again, deeper in contraction Full Article

1 month

The prolonged lockdown conditions across several parts of the US are likely to cause a greater than expected contraction in the economy Full Article

2 Mo.

The IMF has cautioned that the contraction in the global economy could be more severe than expected as consumer consumption is likely to Full Article

3 Mo.

The IMF has forecasted a 3% global contraction in 2020 due to coronavirus, but a 5.8% rebound in 2021 Full Article

4 Mo.

The IMF has cautioned that global economic growth could slow down in 2020 and fall below last year's level as a result of the coronavirus Full Article

5 Mo.

European stock markets are expected to receive a boost and open higher on Thursday following the IMF's announcement of $50 billion aid to Full Article

5 Mo.

US markets are closed today for MLK Day and the price action from last week has spilled into this one, as markets remain quiet Full Article

7 Mo.

The IMF has revised GDP growth lower, but if a US-EU trade war starts, then they will revise GDP growth lower again Full Article

7 Mo.

The IMF has revised its global economic growth forecasts for 2019 once again, stating that the US-China trade war is set to bring down Full Article

10 Mo.

The IMF has expressed concern about Italy's rising debt, stating that it could pose a major risk to the Eurozone economy. Full Article

1 year

Ongoing trade tensions with no resolution in sight have forced the IMF to revise China's economic growth forecast for 2019. Full Article

1 year

As per the IMF, most of the U.S.-China tariff war's impact is likely to be felt next year. Thus, the IMF cut its 2019 U.S. growth forecast.. Full Article

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