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NZD/USD was sort of bullish last week, but it seems that the bullish move is over now Full Article

3 days

The econobic figures from China this morning look positive but, but details point to a different picture for the Chinese economy Full Article

6 days

Commodity Dollars have turned bullish today as signs from the Chinese economy looks promising Full Article

1 week

The uncertainty remains elevated in financial markets and traders are finding comfort in the USD. Full Article

3 Mo.

Safe havens are loosing their appeal now as risk diminishes after Theresa May pulled the plug on the Brexit vote. Full Article

4 Mo.

Market opened with a bullish gap on news that China and the US reached an agreement over the weekend. But is this true or it's just a truce? Full Article

5 Mo.

Donald Trump and China's Xi had a meeting and some fake news came out of it which spiked the risk assets higher. But now, they are back down Full Article

5 Mo.

Italian politicians have refused to dicsuss the deficit for 2019 budget. But bow, they are agreeing on lowering it. Is there a catch? Full Article

5 Mo.

The currencies of the emerging markets have been declining during this period. But, today the situation looks a lot better. Most of these... Full Article

8 Mo.

Today is the day that the US tariffs will come into force on Chinese products. But, the markets seems to be in a good mood instead. Full Article

10 Mo.

The first move on markets today came from the sentiment. Risk currencies have jumped higher while safe havens have tumbled lower. Full Article

10 Mo.

AUD/USD has been trading on a steep bearish trend for a few weeks, losing around 300 pips in the process. The market sentiment has been... Full Article

10 Mo.

The US and North Korea have come to an agreement about denuclearization. The agreement includes efforts by both parties to build a stable... Full Article

10 Mo.

Financial markets have been uncertain lately. For more than a week, everyone was feeling adventurous, now, the safe havens are back in... Full Article

10 Mo.