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HFM Rebates Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

HFM Review


HFM offers a lucrative rebate and cashback program to affiliates. Furthermore, sub-affiliates can also benefit from this program.


🔎 Asset Class🚀 Sign Up!⚙️ Instrument💴 Rebate Amount💶 Payment Frequency
📈 Forex👉 Click HereMajor/Minor Pairs0.2 pips per standard lot traded round turnDaily, credited at 02:00 server time
📉 Gold👉 Click HereGold$2 per qualifying round turn lot tradedDaily, credited at 02:00 server time


HFM Rebates


Introduction to HFM Rebates

Based on our expertise, HFM’s rebate program offers referring partners a lucrative opportunity to boost their earnings.

It functions as a cashback system, providing an enticing means of supplementing their income. It’s a straightforward process: partners receive a portion of the spread or commission for every trade their referrals make, incentivizing them to attract and retain active traders.

One notable aspect is the impressive earning potential, reaching $30 per lot. Additionally, daily payouts guarantee a consistent and reliable income stream.

Furthermore, the benefits of direct referrals are not limited to just you. Your potential earnings are directly influenced by the growth of your network, including sub-affiliates who also receive rebates.

Our research into the rebate agreement shows that partners generally receive a profit of 0.2 pips per standard lot in forex and $2 per lot in gold. We must also mention that this occurs automatically, eliminating the need for manual calculations or processing.

In our opinion, what distinguishes HFM is its commitment to transparency. The multi-tier affiliate software seamlessly integrates with MT4 and MT5, offering a clear view of trading activity and making account management effortless.


Introduction to HFM Rebates


Understanding HFM Rebates

In the realm of HFM rebates, it all comes down to partners receiving a percentage of their clients’ trades as earnings. Essentially, it operates as a cashback system where partners receive a portion of the spread or commission for every trade their clients execute.

This structure is specifically crafted to encourage partners to attract traders and maintain their engagement, thereby enhancing the partners’ potential income.

The HFM program offers partners the opportunity to earn up to $30 per lot traded, providing a consistent source of income through daily payouts. Their standard rate for forex pairs is 0.2 pips per standard lot traded, while for gold, it’s $2.

These rates are automatically calculated and paid out. This setup offers a high efficiency level, allowing partners to manage their rebates manually or through automatic withdrawals.

Another impressive aspect of the HFM program is its multi-tier affiliate software. This and their comprehensive MT4 and MT5 reporting provide a clear view of earnings.

Based on our observations, their customer support is exceptional, available around the clock on weekdays, and can assist in 25 languages.

Additionally, they provide a comprehensive set of powerful marketing tools to support the success of their partners. Without any commission restrictions, HFM rebates offer a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking to optimize their returns.


Understanding HFM Rebates


Calculating HFM Rebates

To gain a better understanding of how HFM’s rebates function in a practical setting, let’s examine a hypothetical scenario involving a partner whose client engages in trading 10 standard lots on forex pairs and 5 lots of gold within a single day.

For every standard lot traded in forex pairs, the partner earns a commission of 0.2 pips. If 10 lots were traded, the partner would earn a commission of 0.2 pips x 10 lots.


  • Forex Rebate = 10 lots x 0.2 pips per lot = 2 pips


In contrast, for Gold trades, partners earn $2 per lot their client has traded. For instance, on 5 lots traded, the calculation is as follows:


  • Gold Rebates = 5 lots x 2 USD per lot = 10 USD


Next, we must convert the forex rebate into USD. We can assume that 1 pip is $10, then:


  • Forex rebate in USD = 2 pips x 10 USD / pip = 20 USD


Adding this all together, we get:


  • 20 USD (Forex) + 10 USD (gold) = 30 USD


This demonstrates the potential for a partner to generate $30 in rebates within a single day through their client’s trading activity.


Calculating HFM Rebates


Are HFM Rebates Real or a Scam?

The HFM rebate program is real. Having researched this program, we can confidently say that HFM provides concrete benefits.

Daily payouts and the potential for substantial earnings are not mere marketing claims but a tangible reality.

You are thoroughly explained and presented with the clear terms and conditions, ensuring that you understand how rebates are calculated and what to anticipate.

The program is simple and easy to understand, providing a payout of up to $30 for every lot traded, with gold and forex trades earning lucrative rebates.

The guidelines are straightforward for both forex and gold trading, and they utilize dependable software to monitor all transactions.


Are HFM Rebates Real or a Scam


Advantages of HFM Rebates

Partners can expect the following advantages from HFM’s rebate program:


  • Earn up to $30 for each lot exchanged.
  • Daily payouts for constant income, including rebates of 0.2 pips every FX lot and $2 per gold lot.
  • The company automatically calculates and pays out rebates.
  • Multi-tier affiliate software provides comprehensive data.
  • Commissions earned have no limitations.
  • Comprehensive MT4 and MT5 reporting capabilities.
  • Exceptional 24-hour customer assistance in 25 languages.
  • Free marketing tools and promotional resources.


Easily recruit and maintain active traders.


Advantages of HFM Rebates


How Are HFM Forex Rebates Paid?

This is how you can earn cashback from HFM:


  • Register as an HFM partner and recommend clients.
  • Clients must actively trade Forex pairs or gold.
  • Partners can earn 0.2 pips for every currency lot, $2 for each gold lot transacted, and up to $30 overall.


Every day, the 02:00 server automatically computes and deposits rebates into your trading account. You can use these rebates for trading or withdraw them.

Moreover, partners can monitor earnings with HFM’s broad reporting features for MT4 and MT5.



Rebates are normally determined depending on your trading history. If you are not trading for an extended time, your rebate amount may be reduced or suspended until you start trading.

No. Rebate payments are often associated with your individual trading account and cannot be transferred to another person.

No. Rebates are often paid separately and can be withdrawn or utilized for future trading; however, they do not immediately cover losses or expenses.

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