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Trading Feed
2 yrs
EOS is in the spotlight after notching up double-digit gains in its latest rally following an announcement from Block.one - the company
3 yrs
EOS/USD is surging again now as it moves above $12
3 yrs
The EOS/USD  pair has entered the bullish zone at the $6.69 level on the weekly timeframe, and it has strong odds of a bearish correction... Full Article
3 yrs
EOS is a block chain system similar to Ethereum. Full Article
3 yrs
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About EOS

EOS is the native cryptocurrency coin on the EOS.IO network. This network is a blockchain platform that allows users to create decentralized apps, called dapps. Because of its impressive scalability, the EOS.IO platform can process more than a million transactions each second, and no fees are attached to these transactions.

EOS coins have value and utility on their own platform, as users can build and run apps on the EOS.IO network as long as they have EOS tokens. Simply holding the tokens is enough, and they do not have to be spent.

These coins can be used on the international cryptocurrency market, however, to trade between other cryptocurrencies. What makes the EOS blockchain network different from competing blockchain platforms is that it offers improved scalability leading to greater speed. It helps to eliminate the bottlenecks that slow down other networks and that limit how many transactions can be done each day.

The blockchain platform EOS.IO is rapidly growing, which might cause problems for similar networks that don't have its unique approach to scalability and flexibility. The network developers claim that their platform can run thousands of apps at a time without experiencing any slow down.

EOS Breakdown

There is currently a 958.89 million supply of EOS coins on the market, with the option for more to be added. So far, the all time high for the EOS price is $22.71.

Transactions on the EOS.IO platform are confirmed through a consensus system. The blockchain this system operates on that creates EOS coins is built up by approved block producers. A delegated proof-of-stake system is used, and this system requires that those voting for the blockchain producers have to hold on to their stake tokens for three days and not sell them. This helps to prevent some of the harmful selloffs that hurt other blockchain platforms, at least temporarily.

There's no limit to the amount of EOS tokens that can be created, and transactions are funded through the 5% capped inflation, which also pays block users. The lack of transaction charges makes EOS.IO a desirable platform to develop for.

There are some key usability functions that make EOS stand out, including the declarative permission scheme, a robust web tool kit, and self-describing database schemas and interfaces. These features make the platform very easy to develop for and help to ensure the long-term viability of EOS coins, at least within their platform.

EOS Price Prediction

EOS History

In September 2017, EOS.IO was created by Block.one. In 2018, the platform became open source, and a billion tokens were sent out to start the blockchain. Anyone who received one of these tokens could launch the EOS blockchain. The announcement of this new platform was accompanied by a promise from Block.one’s CEO Brendan Blumer that the new blockchain would be supported with more than a billion dollars USD. However, the company managed to raise more than 4 billion USD during its initial coin offering. This initial offering lasted for a full year, which was considered unusually long.

US Commision Charges

Block one was charged by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for not registering its $4 billion ICO. The penalty for these charges was $24 million, but no restitution needed to be made. The company was also not disqualified from selling the EOS coin, and the outcome of the hearing did not require that the EOS tokens be registered.

Whale Controversy

A large percentage of the total EOS coins held throughout the world are held by just 10 cryptocurrency investors. These so-called EOS whales hold 50% of the total EOS tokens and are all located in China, causing considerable controversy for the coin.

EOS Price Chart History

EOS Price Factors

The EOS price is affected by developments on the EOS.IO platform, as well as news related to this blockchain network. As EOS coins are bought and sold, the price will change accordingly. A large selloff of EOS coins will cause the price to plummet, as similarly massive buying will increase the EOS rate.

The coin can experience a slump based on sentiments toward it and can enjoy price increases as cryptocurrencies gain popularity as a whole. The crypto coin saw a price increase near the beginning of 2021, and the EOS price has steadily increased for most of the year, buoyed by increased interest in cryptocurrency and the success of other, more popular crypto coins.

An EOS chart tracking the price can show you that this coin has done well since the beginning of 2021 based on improvements in the global economy, as many countries open back up and governments release stimulus checks to their citizens and businesses.

Trading EOS

EOS can be traded on multiple cryptocurrency platforms. As the #26 ranked cryptocurrency coin out of hundreds of different available cryptocurrencies, EOS is considered widely available and easy to trade.

There is currently no way to purchase EOS using Fiat currencies. Other cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin can be used to purchase EOS on an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, and eToro. There is usually a small fee associated with exchanging one cryptocurrency to another. EOS is available on most of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Before buying EOS, it is important to ensure you are making an informed decision. There is considerable risk in buying or selling cryptocurrency, especially in large amounts. Financial experts will advise potential investors to use analytical tools, such as those provided on FX Leaders, including the EOS chart, EOS price tracking, and other features that help to predict where the rate may go.

Cryptocurrency of all kinds, including EOS, is considered very volatile. The EOS rate can change at any time, drastically and unexpectedly.

EOS News


What is EOS?

EOS is the cryptocurrency product of the EOS.IO blockchain network, which is a very quick, flexible, and scalable network that permits app development through the use of EOS tokens. An initial coin offering for EOS began in June of 2018.

How can I trade EOS?

EOS can be easily traded on most of the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It cannot be purchased with Fiat money, at this time, but it can be traded between different cryptocurrencies. Trading EOS on any kind of E=exchange involves a small fee, with fees varying from one exchange to another. All of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer EOS, including Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, and more.

How can I store EOS?

Like most cryptocurrencies, EOS can be stored online in a secure, password-protected wallet. Online cryptocurrency wallets are available on many of the same exchanges that offer EOS for sale, including Binance and Coinbase. It can also be stored offline in a flash drive, which is an excellent way to protect it from hackers.

What can I buy with EOS?

EOS can be used to purchase other cryptocurrencies but cannot currently be used to buy Fiat money, such as US dollars or Euros. It can be used on the EOS.IO network to develop and run apps, called dapps. EOS coins allow for very fast transactions internationally online.

Is it legal to purchase EOS?

Most countries around the world allow for the purchase of EOS cryptocurrency coins. Only a few countries do not allow the purchase of any kind of cryptocurrency, most notably China and Russia. Laws regarding cryptocurrency and it's purchase are frequently changing, as this is a relatively new kind of currency.

Is EOS regulated in the UK?

The only regulation for EOS in the UK is in regards to money laundering. Other than that, there isn't any current regulation for EOS coins. New laws regarding the legality in regulation of cryptocurrency like EOS are being considered in the UK, and it could become regulated in the near future.

What are the risks in trading EOS?

There are considerable risks when buying or selling any kind of cryptocurrency. Because of its mid-ranking among crypto coins, EOS is not considered as volatile as some of its competition, but it's still a risky investment. The price can change substantially without much warning, and potential investors are advised to use analytical tools before making a purchasing decision to avoid loss.