FBS Rebates Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

FBS Review   FBS’s partner program offers partners lucrative rebates according to their Grade and the instrument that their clients trade, with some standard instruments offering the following commissions:

🔎 Currency Pair🚀 Sign Up!1️⃣ Grade 12️⃣ Grade 23️⃣ Grade 34️⃣ Grade 45️⃣ Grade 56️⃣ Grade 6
📈 EUR/USD👉 Click Here$3.3$3.36$3.36$4.18$4.51$4.73
📉 XAU/USD (Gold)👉 Click Here$9$9.9$10.8$11.4$12.3$12.9
📊 XAG/USD (Silver)👉 Click Here$12$54.45$59.4$62.7$67.65$70.95
💹 XTI/USD (Crude Oil)👉 Click Here$9$9.9$10.8$11.4$12.3$12.9
📈 US100 (Nasdaq)👉 Click Here$8.1$8.91$9.72$10.26$11.07$11.61
📉 AMAZON👉 Click Here$3$3.96$4.32$4.56$4.92$5.16

FBS Rebates

Introduction to FBS Rebates

After examining the FBS Partner Cashback program, it became evident that its primary focus is introducing brokers, affiliates, and partners. This program lets partners allocate some of their commissions towards rewarding their traders, making it a safeguard against losses or a reward for successful trades. In our opinion, it’s genuinely remarkable how versatile this program is.

FBS Partners can choose the cashback percentage, ranging from a conservative 5% to an impressive 90% of their earnings. This revolutionary flexibility allows investment banks to tailor their programs to meet their clients’ needs.

Based on our extensive experience, this tailored approach draws in fresh clientele and fosters robust, enduring connections. Partners’ commissions can vary significantly based on the type of instruments traded and their standing within the program.

FBS rebates – Get 92% cashback, and 39% of the spread is paid directly.

Understanding FBS Rebates

Introduction to FBS Rebates

We’ve recently witnessed a distinctive FBS Partner Cashback program. Introducing Brokers (IBs) can share some of their commissions with their clients, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This strategy mitigates traders’ losses and enhances the gains from successful trades. For IBs, the potential for earnings is significant.

Commissions can reach as high as 43% of the spread, depending on the tier of the IB. For example, we saw that some top-tier IBs could even generate profits of over $12.9 per lot on Gold (XAU/USD) trades. An attractive feature of this program is its flexibility. Introducing Brokers (IBs) can customize rebate percentages, ranging from 5% to 90%, to attract and retain clients strategically.

Consistently active trading can lead to increased commission potential for the IB, making it a smart investment for their business expansion. In our view, this program presents a mutually beneficial situation. Traders can take advantage of the enhanced security measures and enjoy the additional rewards, while IBs cultivate loyalty and foster a positive sentiment among their clients. In our opinion, adopting such a collaborative approach can greatly improve the trading experience for all parties involved.   Understanding FBS Rebates

Calculating FBS Rebates

Let’s look at a real-life example to understand how FBS rebates function. Imagine a partner at Grade 3 who is involved in trading the widely traded currency pair EUR/USD. At this level, the partner earns $3.36 for each lot traded. Let’s say the partner’s client engages in 100 lots of trading within a month.

The partner’s total commission would amount to $336, multiplying 100 lots by $3.36 per lot. The calculation follows 100 lots x by $3.36 per lot = $336.

When the partner provides a 20% cashback to their client, the resulting rebate amount would be 20% x $336 = $67.20. This means the partner keeps $336 – $67.20 = $268.80. This rebate is a powerful incentive for clients to increase their trading activity, fostering trust and loyalty that ultimately drives business growth for partners.

This straightforward calculation demonstrates the FBS Partner Cashback program’s concrete advantages in a real-world trading setting.   Calculating FBS Rebates

Are FBS Rebates Real or a Scam?

FBS’s partner cashback program is real, not a scam. It’s a win-win situation because partners and their clients share profits when trading occurs. The commission structure is straightforward, up to 43% of the spread, and payouts are consistent.

The program’s credibility is supported by abundant positive feedback from other partners who have utilized it. FBS wants to reward partners for developing excellent client connections by offering large commissions and allowing them to customize rebates. This demonstrates a commitment to creating a trusting atmosphere for all concerned.   Are FBS Rebates Real or a Scam

How do I Benefit from FBS Rebates?

The FBS partner cashback program offers the following benefits to those who participate:

  • Partners can earn up to 43% of the spread, making this one of the most lucrative schemes on the market.
  • Partners can set rebate rates ranging from 5% to 90%, allowing customized incentives to attract and keep customers.
  • Commissions and rebates are credited weekly to provide a consistent income flow.
  • Offering rebates helps partners establish loyalty and retain a consistent clientele.
  • Rebates can help clients pay for their losses and improve their trading experience.
  • Clients earn more dollars for winning transactions, which improves their overall pleasure.
  • High rebates and commissions make FBS an appealing alternative for prospective clients and partners.
  • Increased trading volume from clients results in increased commissions for partners, which promotes business growth.
  • Clear and simple rebate computations increase confidence and dependability.

FBS offers extensive assistance to its partners, including marketing tools and instructional resources.   How do I Benefit from FBS Rebates

How Do I Receive My FBS Rebates?

FBS rebates are paid as follows:

  • Register as an FBS Introducing Broker (IB) on the official FBS website.
  • Choose the rebate percentage to give your clients.
  • Use your unique referral link to introduce new customers to FBS.
  • Clients trade using an FBS account.
  • Receive commissions based on your clients’ trading activities.
  • Rebates are calculated and credited to your clients’ accounts automatically once each week.

Clients earn cashback, partially compensating for losses and increasing profits from successful transactions.


Yes, as an FBS Partner, you can specify specific refund percentages for each client or use a consistent rate for everyone.

No, FBS clients have complete discretion over their rebates. They can use them for future trades, withdraw, or use them however they want.

FBS rebates are paid out weekly on Mondays straight into clients’ trading accounts.

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