Traders Mark Time Ahead of iWatch

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Dave Green • 2 min read


iwatchTime keeps ticking away and one of the most highly anticipated events of the year draws closer. After long enduring rumors and disappointments it seems that finally “the” watch, the only watch that would actually render time telling as its most irrelevant property, the watch that the world’s largest tech company, Apple, is counting on to boost its revenues, is coming. Except perhaps for the eager Apple fans hungry for every piece of data on the iWatch there is a very different kind of fan that marks time for the iWatch, and that is the trader of Apple stock. What exactly is the buzz around the iWatch and how it could affect traders of the stock?


iWatch Super Hype 

The idea for a “smartwatch” has been hyped for more than a year, when in June 2013 Apple CEO Tim Cook first acknowledged that there was room for a “wearable” computer. Though there were a number of challenges, Cook felt it would be a worthwhile endeavor, with companies clamoring to be the first to release a product that was not just viable but wearable. It surely does seem the stuff of science fiction; some generations may recall how cool it was that secret agent Maxwell Smart’s watch did more than just tell time but was also a phone, and how everyone wished then that they had one just like it but knew that that was a dream.

 The dream, it seems, is about to become a reality. Yes, there have been a few releases of other companies’ smartwatches, but certainly nothing like this. Later this year, Apple will be releasing the eagerly awaited iWatch, with expectations that the company could be shipping out between three and five million units to hit the shelves even before Thanksgiving. What’s so special about a watch, you say? Not just any watch, of course, but Apple’s, which means that besides telling you the time, it will have major computing capability, similar to that which now powers up the Apple iPad or iPhone. The expectations are that the Apple iWatch will have also have embedded biometric sensors, similar to those found in a fitness wristband, which will give the user the ability to track health and fitness data. There is still some question as to what Apple’s smartwatch will look like, but the noises that have been coming from Apple management have done nothing to tone down the hype, and expectations are high and growing that the iWatch could, in the end, be peerless. 


How Apple Traders could be Affected 

On our radar, there are two traders that literally put all their chips on Apple’s game plan. Lin Bunchan, a trader from Cambodia who has a whooping 98.7% allocated to Apple stock and Cristina Torrico, who has 94.1% entrusted to Apple. Whether the iWatch delivers and surprises or is a disappointment, either will have an acute effect on these two traders. If, for some reason, investors move to the cautious side and begin to dump Apple, Bunchan and Torrico will be hit big time. If the iWatch and other Apple products will sell in the millions, as Apple expects, then Bunchan and Torrico could find themselves on a rollercoaster wave, riding a bullish Apple all the way to the top.



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