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Last Update: June 25th, 2019

Introduction to Social Trading

How to Copy the Most Profitable Traders?

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If you want to get started as a trader right now, but don’t want to spend any time at all getting to know the market for yourself, why not simply copy an expert trader?This is the opportunity we offer you through our partner eToro. Their OpenBook trading network is a social trading platform, allowing you to see all the trades made by all other investors, recognize the most profitable traders and automatically copy all their trades at the click of a button!

All you need to do is create your OpenBook account, and copy your favorite traders.
This is a great way to start out in trading as you can learn by following and copying experts.

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To learn more about copying the most profitable traders, click here

OpenBook has changed the way people trade and invest online, by turning trading into a one of a kind social expirience.With eToro’s OpenBook, all a trader needs to do is to See, Follow, and Copy. Traders can share knowledge, tips, thoughts and trades, while others can watch, use and learn.

Social trading allows you to:
 Share tips and ideas with other traders
 See for yourself how others trade
 Compete in Forex trading challenges
 Take advantage of other traders’ experience

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Social trading has become a trend, and that is a fact. More and more Forex brokers, as well as traders, are discovering the business opportunities that exist in social investment networks. eToro’s openbook, Currensee, Zulutrade and Tradency are catching rising popularity among the trading community.

These social platforms let you identify winning experts and replicate their moves. Think of it as an opportunity to make easy money by coping succesfull traders online, and that what This “Copy Trade” buzz is all about!

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