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1SAFU token

With an Impressive 1,326.24% Gain, 1SAFU (SAFU) Is Today’s Top Earner

Posted Wednesday, May 11, 2022 by
Timothy St. John • 2 min read

If you’re looking for a crypto token that is really taking off, you can’t do any better than 1SAFU, which increased by 1,326.24% over the last 24 hours. This crypto has been mostly quiet until recently, and it is hard to tell if it might continue increasing or return to its previous level.

What to Know about 1SAFU

This cryptocurrency token’s price is at $0.000007824 (SAFU/USD) today. This is by far the highest we have seen the SAFU rate since it launched in late January of this year. The price didn’t even go that high during the launch period, despite plenty of interest in the crypto then.

Since the early weeks of 1SAFU’s lifespan, the crypto has fallen below its initial levels and stayed low until today. We didn’t see much movement from this crypto for the past few months, and suddenly it is shooting up.

This is suspicious since the trade volume is just $563,000 for a 24-hour period. That is a number recorded today, when the rate is sky high. SAFU’s trade volume is up 21636.13% today, and the fully diluted market cap for this crypto is 74,677,840,817.52, which is also up considerably today.

We say this is suspicious because there could be some whales at work artificially inflating the price and making 1SAFU stand out today as the top earner on the crypto charts. Whenever that happens, cryptos that were barely getting any traction before tend to get noticed. It can help to raise the profile of an under-the-radar token- at least for a short period.

Is SAFU a Good Investment?

There is talk that this crypto is a scam, and since there isn’t much information on it and what is available is suspect, we would say hold off on investing in 1SAFU right now. Wait to see if it pays out for those who have invested in it and see if the rate holds anywhere near where it is right now. If it plummets back down by tomorrow or the crypto disappears from the market in the next few weeks, you’ll know you dodged a bullet. It’s better to invest in a crypto that has been proven.

Small cryptos like 1SAFU have the potential to earn investors a lot of money because of how volatile they are, but they equally have a chance to cost investors dearly.


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