Play, Earn, and Grow: Notcoin and Helika Launch $50 Million Telegram Gaming Accelerator

Play, Earn, and Grow: Notcoin and Helika Launch $50 Million Telegram Gaming Accelerator

Popular Telegram mini-game Notcoin has teamed up with gaming analytics firm Helika to propel the growth of crypto-powered games on Telegram. This collaboration marks the launch of the Telegram Gaming Accelerator, a $50 million initiative designed to empower game developers and usher in a new wave of engaging experiences for Telegram’s massive user base.

Notcoin: A Pioneering Force in Telegram Gaming

Notcoin’s innovative gameplay, which integrates real crypto rewards through airdrops, has played a pivotal role in shaping the Telegram mini-app landscape. Launched in 2023, Notcoin’s success story is evident in its millions of users, paving the way for a more expansive and exciting future for Telegram gaming.

The Telegram Gaming Accelerator: A Boon for Developers

The newly launched Telegram Gaming Accelerator will serve as a breeding ground for developers to create captivating mini-apps that seamlessly integrate with Telegram’s Open Network blockchain. This program echoes the success of games like Hamster Kombat and Catizen, which have captivated players with their blend of casual gameplay and the allure of earning crypto tokens.

Strategic Partnership to Fuel Growth

Helika, a renowned firm with experience working with gaming giants like Ubisoft, brings its expertise and resources to the table. Anton Umnov, Helika’s CEO, emphasizes the immense potential for game studios to leverage Telegram’s extensive user base for global reach and engagement. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Helika’s mission of empowering developers to craft engaging experiences within the Telegram ecosystem.

Notcoin’s Vision: A “Netflix of Social Games”

Sasha Plotvinov, co-creator of Notcoin, envisions the platform evolving into a central hub for social and viral games, akin to a “Netflix of social games.” The Telegram Gaming Accelerator serves as a crucial stepping stone towards realizing this vision, fostering a vibrant community of developers dedicated to creating a diverse range of entertaining and competitive crypto games within the Telegram platform.

A Flourishing Landscape for Crypto-Powered Gaming

This partnership between Notcoin and Helika underscores the burgeoning trend of integrating crypto elements into the gaming experience. It signifies a significant step towards establishing Telegram as a prominent platform for innovative, crypto-powered games, attracting both developers seeking fertile ground for their creations and users eager to explore the exciting world of blockchain-based gaming.


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