The Journey of Equity Indices, Part 1

Posted Sunday, February 12, 2017 by
Dave Green • 2 min read

Fx Market Leaders is proud to anounce that in 2017, we will be writing news and insights about indicies and signals in order to provide you with information on the financial markets! The financial market is comprised of more than just money currencies and we decided that we want to increase the scope of opportunities with the financial market! 

As forex currencies can be traded around the world, around the clock, and profits/losses can be amazing at the same time, also available on are financial products which are the CFDs on Equities Indexes. 

When I first heard about these products and began learning and trading in the market,  I raisd the question of if I should extend my focus on other instruments. I have my EUR/USD chart right here so  I see my quotes on the left and is hard enough already. I don’t have time for other products, however maybe in the future I will extend to other currencies and that’s it. Further down the road, I learned that our world is not the world where I was born anymore and that today, we are more interconnected and we allow ourselves to believe and that the free markets concept has spread to over ? of the countries. Globalization has changed the financial markets. Today, all type of assets are interconnected and correlated and if the quotes in the dollar change, they also modify the price of gold. If prices of gold move, than the prices of certain stocks of mining companies moves. If certain stocks moves, than a hole sector from the stock market moves. It is a global financial market out there. 

I'm certainly not as lucky as you since back then, there was not all this information regarding the financial market on the internet as there is today. It took me a while to understand that I need to keep track of multiple asset classes and learn the correlation so I can get a clue as to what is the sentiment of the market today which helps you at fundamental analysis. This is a major component to learn before you start trading and trying  to find clues in other markets technical analysis so that one can have a clue about where the market will go.

So the first and most important reason I invite you in this journey is to understand the correlations between financial asset classes as we will explain and include in our analysis all components needed so that you can be as successful as you can in trading within the financial markets. I cannot wait to hear about your first profits in equity indices in our journey. 

For more information on indices, check out the second part of this article, The Journey of Equity Indices, Part 2

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