List of US Companies Releasing Earnings (EPS) Today

Posted Friday, May 15, 2020 by
Arslan Butt • 3 min read

Wall Street ended sharply higher in the session after blue-chip stocks rose for the first day in four trading sessions as investors saw another ugly rise in US jobless claims.

Markets have largely ignored growing evidence of the devastation of the development of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, and have accepted the expectation that the state’s gradual reopening will lubricate the wheels of economic recovery.

CompaniesEPS Forecast Revenue Forecast
Nippon ADR (NTTYY) 0.11 28.71B Inc Adr (JD) 0.73 136.52B
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial ADR (MUFG) 0.04 8.98B
Rosneft (OJSCY) 0.15 21.48B
Rosneft (ROSNq) 0.15 21.48B
SWECO B (0H0G) 3.37 5.69B
Hon Hai Precision ADR (2317q) 0.04 29.92B
Hon Hai Precision ADR (HNHPF) 0.04 29.92B
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial ADR (SMFG) 0.19 6.53B
Mizuho Financial ADR (MFG) 0.05 4.83B
VF (VFC) 0.24 2.46B
Campbell Soup (CPB) 0.73 2.16B
Fortum (0HAH) 0.51 1.59B
Power Corporation (POW) 0.61
Korea Electric Power (KEP) -0.05 12.35B
TDK ADR (TTDKY) -0.47 2.8B
Exor (0RKY)
Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR_u) 212.90M
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc (AACAY) 0.03 480.32M
Onex Corp (ONEX)
CNP Assurances (0IUQ)
Onex Corp (ONEXF) 0.05
GEA Group AG (0MPJ) 0.2 1.07B
San Miguel ADR (SMGBY)
Neoen (0A02)
Equinox Gold (EQX) 0.14 134.00M
Reply (0RV0) 296.4M
Taro Pharma Industries (TARO) 1.53 168.25M
Unipol ADR (UFGSY)
Aurubis ADR (AIAGY) 0.65 3.21B
Unipol Gruppo (0Q6M)
Aurubis AG (0K7F) 1.19 2.95B
CEMIG PN ADR (CIG) 0.11 1.12B
Energetica Minas Gerais Cemig C (CIGc) 0.11 1.12B
Signature Aviation OTC (BBAVY)
Equinox Gold (EQX) 0.11 135M
B&B Tools (0I5O) 1.65 1.02B
Wacoal (WACLY) 428.04M
PBF Energy (PBF) -1.09 5.55B
Sparebanken Ost (0G45) 0.99 187.26M
Sol (0NJP)
Continental Gold (CGOOF) -0.05
Fiera Capital Corporation (FSZ) 0.29 159.21M
Precise Biometrics (0JDU)
PBF Logistics LP (PBFX) 0.49 90.57M
Fullcast ADR (FULCY) 102.51M
TuanChe (TC) -0.07 17.99M
CooTek Cayman (CTK) -0.08 85.5M
Chorus Aviation (CHR) 0.16 347.81M
Fila (0QIQ)
Up Fintech (TIGR) 26.92M
WELL Health (WELL) -0.02 9.82M
Precision BioSciences (DTIL) -0.5 4.98M
Cuisine Solutions (CUSI)
Gran Colombia Gold (TPRFF) 0.52 83.6M
GWG Holdings Inc (GWGH)
Professional (PFHD) 0.09 9.39M
Jaguar Mining (JAGGF) 0.01
Imv Inc (IMV) -0.16 75.92K
Xinyuan RE (XIN)
Symphony International Hlds (SIHL)
Auryn Resources (AUG) -0.02
Auryn Resources (AUG) -0.02
Imv Inc (IMV) -0.11 53.34K
Niocorp Developments (NIOBF)
Auryn Resources (AUG)
Supreme Cannabis (FIRE) -0.04 11.53M
SORL (SORL) 0.25 126.43M
MobileSmith (MOST)
Flowr (FLWR) -0.04 990K
Melrose Bancorp (MELR) 0.1 1.86M
Supremex Inc. (SXP) 0.09 53.8M
West Kirkland Mining Inc (WKM)
Future Fintech (FTFT)
Mount Logan Capital (MLC)
Titan Pharma (TTNP) 823K
US Global (GROW)
Patriot Transportation (PATI)
Weyland Tech (WEYL)
Jaguar Health (JAGX) -0.31 1.6M
PLx Pharma (PLXP) -0.4
Alimco Financial (ALMC)
RTG Mining Inc (RTG)
Imageware Sys Inc (IWSY) 0.05 15.98M
Drone Aviation Holding (COMS)
Bio Path (BPTH) -0.67
Duos Tech (DUOT) -0.48 1.1M
Fidia (0EFO)
Serinus Energy (SNUYF)
Equus Total Return Closed Fund (EQS)
BIO-Key (BKYI) -0.05 1.53M
Fog Cutter Cap Grp# (FCCG)
Ever-Glory (EVK)
BioCorRx (BICX)
Nobilis Health Corp (HLTH)
Enservco Co (ENSV) 0.03 21.21M
Argex Titanium Inc. (RGX)
Serinus Energy (SENX)
Kronos Advanced Tech (KNOS)
SINTX Technologies (SINT) -0.64 239K
Sino Agro Food (SIAF)
SOPerior Fertilizer (SOP)
Blonder Tongue Labs (BDR)
Digirad (DRAD) -1 29.5M
Pond Tech (POND)
Avalon (AWX)
Moro (MRCR)
Black Ridge Oil Gas (ANFC)
Telkonet Inc (TKOI)
International Stem Cell (ISCO)
General Steel (GSIH)
Remote Dynamics Inc (RMTD)
TetraLogic Pharma (TLOG)
Bb Liquidating Inc. (BLIAQ)
Yuma Energy Inc (YUMAQ)
Cv Holdings Inc (CVHL)
Ener-Core (ENCR)
Cur Media (CURM)
Global Payment Tech (GPTX)
Biostar Pharma (BSPM)
Applied Visual Sciences (APVS)
PhaseRx (PZRXQ)
Hemagen Diagnostics (HMGN)
Echo Therapeutics (ECTE)
China Clean Energy (CCGY)
Inspyr Therapeutics Inc (NSPX)
Poniard Pharma (PARD)
Crumbs (CRMBQ)
BD Liquidating B Inc. (BLIBQ)
Local Corp (LOCMQ)
QKL Stores Inc (QKLS)
Soyo Group Inc (SOYO)
DraftKings (DKNG) -0.16 98.06M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings PK (SUTNY)

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