Exness Rebates Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

Exness Review

Exness is a flexible broker that offers a sophisticated yet straightforward rebate program. According to their account and trading activity, traders can earn the following: Exness’ rebates can change and differ between partners and what they pay clients.

🔎 Trading Instrument🚀 Sign Up!🥇 Standard🥈 Standard Cent🥈 Raw Spread🏅 Zero🎖️ Pro💴 Rebate Payment Frequency
📈 Forex👉 Click Here32% of spread32% of spreadUp to $16 per lotUp to $16 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)
📉 Indices👉 Click Here32% of spreadN/AUp to $16 per lotUp to $16 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)
🪙 Cryptocurrency👉 Click HereUp to $16 per lotN/AUp to $16 per lotUp to $16 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)
💎 Precious Metals👉 Click Here32% of spread32% of spread$2.6 per lot$2.6 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)
💡 Energies👉 Click Here32% of spreadN/A$2.6 per lot$2.6 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)
📊 Shares👉 Click Here32% of spreadN/AUp to $16 per lotUp to $16 per lot20% of spreadDaily (automatically to MT4/MT5)

Exness Rebates

Introduction to Exness Rebates

Our direct experience with Exness has given us a clear understanding of their rebate program. It is created with partners in mind, who will subsequently pass on the benefits to their traders.

Exness provides cashback on various account categories, including Standard, Standard Cents, Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro. We’ve seen partners make a sizable amount of the spread, up to $100 for each Forex lot, and traders can get up to 100% back on their investments.

One of the program’s most notable aspects is its flexibility and inclusiveness. Partners can choose which clients to reward, and the cashback percentage ranges from 0% to 100%. Exness has eased this process by providing tools for categorizing suggested clients, allowing partners to handle payments quickly.

We love that cashback is granted daily to clients who have closed trades within the last 24 hours, and the option for automated approval makes things easier.

However, those interested should note that the program is just for individuals who join through a partner. This stimulates trading activity and develops a sense of community and mutual achievement. Contact a partner if you want to take advantage.

Introduction to Exness Rebates

Understanding Exness Rebates

The program uses Exness partners, who distribute cashback to the traders they refer to Exness. Considering the various rebate options Exness offers for their different account types (Standard, Standard Cent, Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro) is necessary.

These options allow cashback up to 20% of the spread or $100 per Forex lot. Traders have even recovered up to 100% of their trade costs. One notable feature is the ability for partners to customize the rebate structure, allowing them to set it anywhere from 0% to 100%.

Traders can easily find a partner that provides cashback that matches their trading volume and approach. Another advantage is the daily processing of rebates for trades closed within 24 hours, ensuring traders receive their rewards promptly.

Nevertheless, we urge those interested to note that gaining direct access to the program is not feasible. Traders must instead join under an Exness partner to reap the benefits.

Based on our extensive experience, this system has proven to significantly increase traders’ potential earnings while fostering a mutually advantageous partnership between traders and partners, thereby enhancing the overall trading experience on Exness.

Understanding Exness Rebates

Calculating Exness Rebates

Calculating Exness rebates in a real-world scenario demonstrates their concrete advantages. Let’s take Jabulani, a high-volume trader who trades 100 lots of Forex monthly. Jabulani’s partner has established a 20% rebate rate, and the incentive is $10 per lot.

The calculation for Jabulani’s cashback would be easy, and we can do it as follows:

  • First, we calculate the total compensation the partner gained for Jabulani’s transactions, which is 100 lots multiplied by $10 for each lot, for a total of $1,000.
  • Next, we add a 20% refund rate to this sum. Thus, Jabulani’s refund is computed as 20% of $1,000, which is $200.

This example illustrates that by trading 100 lots at a 20% rebate rate, Jabulani gets $200 back, significantly lowering his total trading costs. This rebate mechanism is a wonderful approach for traders to increase their profits through the Exness rebate program.

Calculating Exness Rebates

Are Exness Rebates Real or a Scam?

Exness’s rebates program is real and not a scam. Our thorough research indicates that Exness provides legitimate cashback on various account types, and partners offer rewards to their customers.

We found the process straightforward, and cashback is credited daily for eligible trades. Other than this, Exness is a well-regulated broker with several security precautions and excellent customer ratings, which support the credibility of its cashback program.

Partners can confidently join this program since they know it will offer real financial benefits based on the trading activity of their referred clients.

Are Exness Rebates Real or a Scam

How do I Benefit from Exness Rebates?

Partners and clients can benefit in some of the following ways:

  • Rebates can be approved automatically.
  • Flexible cashback rates range from 0% to 100%.
  • Daily rebate payments for closed transactions
  • Tools for gathering and managing customers
  • Ability to customize rebates for different trading volumes and tactics
  • Encourages increased trade activity through financial incentives.
  • Improves client retention and satisfaction.
  • Potential earnings of up to $100 per lot on Forex transactions.

Moreover, Exness supports several kinds of accounts, including Standard and Professional.

How do I Benefit from Exness Rebates

How Do I Receive My Exness Cashback?

Exness’ rebates are paid as follows:

  • Sign up with an Exness partner that provides rebates.
  • Trade with qualifying Exness accounts (Standard, Pro, etc.).
  • Close trades. Cashback is calculated daily based on trading volume.
  • Ensure that your partner has selected an appropriate rate.
  • You can find the rebate amounts displayed in your Exness account’s Area.
  • The partner manually authorizes rebates or sets up automated approval.
  • Rebates are credited to your account within 24 hours after completing qualified deals.

Withdraw your rebates via the Exness withdrawal methods.


Yes, Exness rebate rates vary depending on the instrument traded (forex, commodities, or cryptocurrencies), account type, and trading volume.

Rebates should, ideally, have no impact on your trading choices. They are just a method for lowering expenses and increasing profitability.

Rebates are usually sent immediately to your Exness trading account or a predetermined payment mechanism, such as PayPal or bank transfer.

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