Solana Price Falls Despite Strong Network Fundamentals: A Look at On-Chain Activity and Potential Catalysts

Solana Price Falls Despite Strong Network Fundamentals: A Look at On-Chain Activity and Potential Catalysts

Solana’s native token, SOL, experienced a price drop in June despite healthy on-chain activity metrics suggesting strong network fundamentals. This article dives into the reasons behind the price decline, explores potential future catalysts for a rebound, and analyzes the recent developments within the Solana ecosystem.


  • SOL’s price fluctuated significantly in June, reaching a high of $175 and a low of $124.
  • The filing of spot Solana ETF applications by VanEck and 21Shares sparked a temporary price increase but failed to prevent the overall downward trend.
  • Daily transaction volume on the Solana network increased by nearly 34% in June, indicating growing user adoption.
  • Solana captured a significant share (nearly 25%) of the DEX market with a total DEX trading volume of $38.4 billion in June.
  • Despite a decrease in NFT sales volume compared to May, there are early signs of a potential rebound in July.

Reasons Behind the Price Drop

  • Internal network issues: “Sandwich attacks” by some validators exploiting traders dampened investor confidence.
  • Outperformed by Ethereum: Ethereum’s strong performance in June added pressure to SOL’s price.
  • Stagnant inflows: A lack of fresh capital entering the Solana ecosystem might have contributed to the price decline.

Potential Catalysts for a Rebound

  • Spot Solana ETF Approval: The approval of a spot Solana ETF in the US could significantly benefit SOL’s price.
  • Continued Network Growth: Increased user adoption and developer activity on the Solana network could attract more investment.
  • Memecoin Success: The impressive performance of memecoins like Dogwifhat and Billy on Solana could boost investor interest.

Solana Ecosystem Updates

  • Focus on Security: The Solana Foundation took steps to remove malicious actors engaging in sandwich attacks.
  • Improved User Experience: New tools like Solana Actions and blockchain links aim to simplify user interactions with the network.
  • Investment in Startups: The $60 million Colosseum fund will accelerate innovation within the Solana ecosystem.
  • Loyalty Programs: Solana Labs’ Bond project introduces blockchain-based loyalty programs.
  • Payments Collaboration: Circle partnered with Solana to integrate programmable wallets into their payment solutions.

Solana vs. Ethereum ETFs

The potential approval of a spot Solana ETF has generated significant interest. While analysts believe it could benefit SOL’s price, some argue that regulatory hurdles might delay its arrival.

Solana Memecoins

While some memecoins like Dogwifhat experienced notable growth in June, others faced challenges. The success of memecoins on Solana highlights the network’s potential to attract a wider user base.

Solana’s DEX Market Share

Solana captured a significant share of the DEX market in June, demonstrating its growing presence in the DeFi space.

Solana NFTs

Despite a decrease in sales volume in June, early signs suggest a potential rebound in July. The strong performance of leading collections like Mad Lads indicates continued interest in Solana NFTs.


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