My New Year Resolution

Posted Monday, January 2, 2017 by
Skerdian Meta • 2 min read

A new day, week, month and a year has started today. I saw plenty of New Year resolutions and many quotes from famous and non-famous people on the social media, which I usually despise. But, one quote stuck me this time; it is from a writer whose name I can´t remember and it goes like this more or less: "Today is the first page of a 365-page blank book, whose pages you can fill out yourself"

That´s exactly right, we all sometimes (some more than others) live our lives as if it was all a big setup. As humans, we put too much trust in destiny sometimes and forget we make our own lives, so this is going to be my resolution this year. 

The same goes for forex traders, if you lose a few FX trades or if you haven´t been successful so far it doesn´t mean you´re not destined for this job. Just work a bit harder, try a few new trading strategies, talk to a few fellow traders in countless FX forums, try to perfect your money management skills and above all try to understand how the forex market works.

When you really understand how this business functions, then you can see things coming before they actually happen, such as the Euro reverse I´ve been talking about recently. With Trump coming up, EUR/USD might be a bit more difficult to predict, but I´m sure that if the EU doesn´t break up this year then the Euro will reverse this downtrend.

So, although you might not get everything correct all the time, understanding the forex market is crucial guys and that´s the reason we cover the economic data releases where we explain the implication the numbers might have on the economy, the concerned central bank and subsequently the currency. therefore, although these coverages might be a bit boring and not directly connected to a forex signal or a forex trade, they´re worth reading.

Back to my resolution, this is a first time for me to have a resolution and probably the last, but it seems good enough for a year. It will remind me every day that only we are responsible for our success and failure. Life depends on us, especially forex trading, so let´s write our own books this year guys.    

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