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Today’s Top Gainer Dotmoovs (MOOV) Enjoys a 266% Increase

Posted Friday, April 1, 2022 by
Timothy St. John • 2 min read

Achieving a price of $0.07896 (MOOV/USD) this morning, Cryptocurrency token Dotmoovs (MOOV) is up 266.13% at the time of this writing. It’s continuing to rise and is on a three-day bullish streak.

Dotmoovs Is Making Big Moves

Dotmoovs has been pretty quiet for a while, starting off two days ago at $0.006488 until it shot up to $0.02184. That was an increase of 237%, and it has not slowed down since then. Since early February, Dotmoovs has stayed almost entirely below the $0.010 level, showing very little sign of life. Then, on Wednesday the needle moved in a big way, and this crypto has seen impressive gains since then.

What Is Dotmoovs?

This crypto launched on June 2021, and it is a metaverse sports app that offers competitions for its investors. Using an artificial intelligence program, this metaverse application gives rewards to its players just for participating, with bigger rewards for winners.

The MOOV token serves as metaverse rewards for the application, and it powers a play-to-earn system that operates using two different sports- dance and freestyle football.

Of course, there’s also an NFT marketplace attached to this metaverse. It seems like every cryptocurrency token that’s coming out these days offers both metaverse and NFT options for investors to try out, so Dotmoov is right on the cutting edge of current decentralized currency trends.

Why Is It So Bullish?

The question analysts are asking right now is why Dotmoovs is experiencing such an upsurge in its price right now. That’s been attributed to the release of the dance application that just launched. Now, Dotmoovs players and investors can send each other challenges through the application. It’s no wonder the price is skyrocketing today when TikTok and the various dance challenges there are such a major trend on social media.

Dotmoovs is tapping into all that and attaching a decentralized finance token to it, giving people a way to invest in what they are already doing. There is potential for the Dotmoovs metaverse to directly challenge TikTok as its following grows.

The current market cap for Dotmoovs is nearly $38 million and growing, with its market cap increasing by 243% over the last 24 hours. Trade volume is way up for this crypto as well, as is to be expected, with an increase of 227% in the last 24 hours. This is an undervalued crypto right now, but that could quickly change as it starts garnering mainstream attention.

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