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Stock markets and Google have turned bullish again Full Article

2 days

The decline in stock markets seems to have ended, so we're keeping our buy signals on S&P500 and Apple AAPL Full Article

2 W

S&P500 looks great to go long right now at the 100 daily SMA Full Article

4 W

In response to the FDA’s mandate, shares of Pfizer stock (PFE) are up 2.5%. The news comes as Delta continues to spread in the U.S. Full Article

2 M

Going into the fall, one can make the case for at least a 10% correction in the DJIA, S&P 500, and NASDAQ by year’s end. Full Article

2 M

At the moment, the markets appear giddy over the prospect of another round of U.S. government stimulus and economic recovery. Full Article

3 M

With the Fourth of July weekend only seven days away, U.S. large-cap stocks and the DOW continue to chug higher. Full Article

4 M

So far this year, S&P 500 has already strengthened by 12%, powered by optimism about rapid economic recovery in the US, multiple rounds of Full Article

5 M

Until we see a hawkish Fed or another round of COVID-19 U.S. lockdowns, a bullish bias is warranted for American large cap stocks. Full Article

5 M

Stock markets have turned increasingly bullish recently, but will it continue? Full Article

6 M

Unless we see a dramatic shift in monetary policy or another round of COVID-19 lockdowns, American stocks are headed higher. Full Article

6 M

Wall Street is betting that trillions in stimulus will outweigh coming tax hikes. For the S&P 500, this idea has driven price above 4000.00. Full Article

7 M

At press time, the markets are noncommittal. Unless Powell or Yellen drop a bombshell, this is unlikely to change Full Article

7 M

Right now, a bullish bias is warranted toward U.S. stocks. Get ready for more all-time highs as the Fed begins its March meeting. Full Article

7 M

U.S. stocks are up as the House of Representatives prepares to sign off on Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus bill Wednesday morning. Full Article

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