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It looks like 2023 will be a bullish year for stock markets as inflation slows and central banks stop with rate hikes at some point Full Article

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Stock markets have turned bearish as the sentiment turns negative in financial markets, leading to a double top pattern in S&P 500 Full Article

1 M

Stock markets ended up lower after the FED yesterday, closing the bullish gap from Tuesday, so we decided to open another buy signal Full Article

2 M

Today's PPI came higher than expected and if next week's CPI will be high, then stock markets will retreat as the FED will keep hiking rates Full Article

2 M

Stock markets have started a decent bounce which might turn into a bullish trend if the sentiment remains positive Full Article

3 M

Stock markets are continuing the decline this week and we are looking to sell S&P500 on a retrace higher Full Article

4 M

Stock markets have made a strong reversal in the last 4 days, opening with a bullish gap again today, so we're keeping the S&P buy signal Full Article

5 M

Stock markets turned lower after Powell's comments last Friday, but the upside is not over, especially if the economic data gets worse Full Article

5 M

We are long on S&P500 and are hoping that today's bullish reversal pushes the price above the 20 SMA which has acted as resistance Full Article

8 M

Another major retailer missed on earnings today, but that might not be such a bad thing overall Full Article

9 M

So far this year, S&P 500 has already strengthened by 12%, powered by optimism about rapid economic recovery in the US, multiple rounds of Full Article

2 years

US equity markets were soft again yesterday with all the major indexes finishing in the red. Full Article

2 years

US equity markets jumped yesterday on the news the FOMC would keep the money printing party rolling on for now. Full Article

2 years

US equity markets were mixed yesterday while the USD was quiet ahead of the FOMC. Full Article

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