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Durable goods orders

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USD/CAD slipped lower despite impressive US durable goods orders, but we decided to go long at the bottom of the range Full Article

2 Mo.

The sentiment improved today after Mnuchin said that the trade deal with China is 90% complete, but 10% is what matters Full Article

3 Mo.

Theresa May is finally leaving, which increases the uncertainty in global markets Full Article

4 Mo.

The USD has been on an uptrend for a week and today's durable goods orders should keep it supported for a few more sessions Full Article

5 Mo.

The USD hasn't been too strong today, but there's nothing else to turn to for traders, so the market is long on the USD again Full Article

6 Mo.

Markets today seem uncertain as the sentiment is leaning on neither side, but the USD is slowly moving lower Full Article

6 Mo.

The economic data from the US is expected to come out 1 hr earlier this week. Here is a list with the GMT time of the data release Full Article

6 Mo.

The end of the year is near and Donald Trump will close the markets. just like he opened them this year with trading tariffs. Full Article

9 Mo.

The economic data from the US was terrible today and the USD retraced lower some more. But the decline in the USD has stopped now. Full Article

10 Mo.

The greenback continued to trade slightly bullish after the U.S. and Chinese officials ended two days of trade talks without any major... Full Article

1 year

The financial markets were all getting ready for the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting today. All the attention has been on what Draghi... Full Article

1 year

Today the markets have been pretty slow. But Trump's administration never disappoints and they made things interesting again with comments. Full Article

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