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Stock markets have resumed this year's bullish trend but at the same time, Gold has also turned bullish. Full Article

5 days

The AUD/USD has had a slow start to the Asian session and is in the red once again and that looks set continue. Full Article

6 days

Markets today seem uncertain as the sentiment is leaning on neither side, but the USD is slowly moving lower Full Article

7 days

US retail sales were expected to give us some direction today, but seems that markets are waiting for Brexit vote and US CPI tomorrow Full Article

1 week

The economic data from Europe was pretty weak once again, but the figures from the US looked positive enough to reverse the USD into bullish Full Article

1 month

The Eurozone economy has been deteriorating last year and the decline in industrial production for December confirms that. Full Article

1 month

Forex market has been really quiet today apart from a spike which came from the Canadian employment report. Full Article

1 month

Volatility has increased today as we approach the end of Brexit. Gold is running up and down like a mad dog. Full Article

2 Mo.

The industrial production declined by 1.7% in November, falling to the lowest level since February 2016. Full Article

2 Mo.

The Eurozone industrial production report is expected to increase by 0.3%, but the recent numbers from Euro countries point down. Full Article

2 Mo.

The economic data from the UK was pretty soft today, but the market is more concerned about Brexit now, which might be postponed. Full Article

2 Mo.

Financial markets have been very quiet today but Trump is trying to wake them up. Full Article

2 Mo.