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Debates in the U.S. Senate over large spending bills always make for good theatre. Full Article

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To cover infrastructure spending, a broad IRS crackdown on crypto holders, traders, exchanges, and brokers is very likely coming in 2022. Full Article

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The relationship between cryptocurrencies and recent ransomware attacks has regulation on the minds of U.S. officials. Full Article

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Prices are up across the board and bullish sentiment is dominating the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Full Article

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On Memorial Day 2021 U.S. equities values continue to rise as government spending is about to hit its highest level since WWII. Full Article

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With only 21 days until April’s meeting of the Fed, all eyes were on today’s FOMC Minutes release. Full Article

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Taxes are going up in 2022 ― the only question is by how much. Full Article

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For now, any nagging political uncertainties have subsided. Trump is out, Biden is in. Full Article

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Since last night's Electoral College certification, Biden is the next POTUS and forex traders are bidding the Greenback. Full Article

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